self discoveryWhile I was in the United States for the month of February, Together, a popular Belgian magazine, asked me to write on Colour for their March issue. I chose to write on colour through self-discovery because colour is a fabulous tool to get to know yourself better (find the article under Magazine heading, pdf section, March issue, pages 23-4). I was delighted to see they’d chosen to put me on the front cover with “It’s a colourful life!”.   So why am I covering this topic again? Because we’re being enticed to live a full spectrum life, and I’ve more to say and reveal on this subject. Look around you and see the vast array of colours. Sometimes me are too busy to even notice. The reason colour is such a fabulous self discovery tool is because each colour is linked to an emotion and a message, enabling I to read the signs which are placed in front of I daily, purely by our choices with colour.   Colour communicates to I on a deeper level, so why not use it? me all know that deep within I me have the answers, but me sometimes don’t know how to access these. Well, colour is a great easy way to access that knowledge and guidance from our subconscious mind, which happens to make up something like 90% of our brain!   At some stage in our lives we’d have loved to have that confirmation of what me already know. Wouldn’t it have given you that bit of extra reassurance and confidence? In knowing the meaning and psychological messages behind your colour choice, you can have that.   This week I saw a client who’d had 5 counselling sessions with someone recently and on the 5th session she got to the core of the issue. While I, using colour, got to the core of the issue during one consultation. Look how much time and money this client would have saved!   This is one of the many benefits of using colour as a tool to self discovery. It is a language that speaks through your soul, and filters messages from the creator, angels, guides, or whatever you like to call it when you connect with that side of our world. Not only do you get to discover you, and why this situation is showing up in your life, but you can heal that part of you that will release you into that space where all is well. That place where you feel centered, at peace, calm, loved, taken care of, and emotionally supported. You feel lighter, brighter, happy and joyful.   Now, more than ever, I am finding that people are being forced to look inward and this gets them to raise their head and search for answers. This is why I chose to offer colour healing and self discovery workshops as me move into the summer, where natures moves into full bloom. You too can be in full bloom, as you connect and discover your core essence while being guided and emotionally supported with simply colour.   So come along and join me on Sunday 16th June at Serendip Spa from 10am – 1pm. Discover and experience for yourself what your soul wants YOU to know through colour…. To book or find out more get in touch via email, or call me +32 (0) 473 67 73 41