Red means business in 2017! Is it me but has this month just flown??  It’s no wonder when it is such a strong energy month this year, the fact that red is the energy of January but this year also carries the red energy giving off the feeling of things speeding up. I am finding that shifts are happening fast and furiously which can be great but this is when you need the grounding most, to steady yourself,  to be able to birth the changes that are being birthed within and around you. Red is not a time waster, red is inspired action, energy, the leader who takes her place, walks confidently up that red carpet and oozes sex appeal in her red sleek dress. It is a warming colour which believes in love and romance and while it can be brash she has a great heart.  We are in for a ride this year, a year that won’t accept mediocary anymore, you are being called now to LIVE your life and LIVE your mission. What does it mean to live? Well to live means you wake up each day and you have this gratitude in your heart, joy flows through you and you feel so grounded and connected.  You let your emotions flow, the red frustration, the anger, the perseverance, the impatience because you are curious about what these emotions want to tell you. You wake up another day with love running through you, you feel energised, happy and so secure in yourself and your life that you feel the strength that runs down into the core of your Earth star and down into the core of the earth. While this year is red, red will challenge you because it knows you deserves the best.  Yesterday I had a download and I did a Facebook Live to share what came.  Click here to access the Video. I have two places available for someone who is looking to really step up, and go after their dreams, to live and feel the greatness that is here for us all.   Watch the Facebook live and if it speaks to you and you are interested in going all out , then book a 30 minute chat next week.  Here is the link to my diary, Marcia’s diary.