Dynamic red energy – For courage, perseverance, passion, love, survival, energy, attention and action.
RED ALERTOver the coming months, I thought it would be useful for you to learn more about the seven colour rays of the rainbow. I will be sharing with you the individual attribute each colour brings. I will reveal its’ uses and inherent messages so you can be guided, inspired and supported on life’s journey. So let’s start from the ground up. This week I will cover the earth energy of Red. Red is an important ray to keep you grounded and strong ensuring that when you are ready to reach for your dreams you won’t topple over, and miss the opportunity given to you. In addition it will support you in fulfilling your own physical needs and help you feel secure in yourself as well as in your finances so you can live an abundant life which after all is your birth right. Red Alert Red is linked to the physical, and when you see red you receive energy. Your heart rate actually rises as the blood flows around you. I find that those lacking energy are drawn to the red ray. It is a colour to be used in moderation as too much of this colour can leave you feeling frustrated, angry or agitated. Each day I see the red traffic lights where me are cautioned to stop. So me are dealing with a colour that has its extremes and where there is a danger of going overboard. Note how casinos employ red to get I to spend more. Red is a colour that requires caution but it is a colour that when properly harnessed can enliven, revive and reignite your passions and life. I associate red as the colour of life and living. Painting the town Red If you can focus on the real positives of this rich energetic red ray, you will feel energized, confident, alive and good about yourself. You just can’t beat that vibrant red dress or the fun and daring that goes with a saunter down the red carpet. So why not make the most of it. Red is the leader of the pack, the one that represents success and takes you beyond your comfort zone. There is also a sexual connotation with red. Red can make you feel sexy. It ignites that feminine energy and helps you feel good about yourself. You feel attractive. You stand out and command attention. Red gets results! It’s a great colour to help you come out of yourself and be noticed for the wonderful person you are so that you will receive all that you are worthy of. Seeing Red If you are feeling stuck, red is a great colour to wear or visualize as it will help get the blocked energy moving while getting you moving too. It can break through any blocks you are experiencing. The statement I associate with red is DARE TO JUST DO IT! This colour helps you feel secure and grounded. When you are grounded you feel strong, able and confident. This strength gives you the courage to make the necessary changes in your life now rather than putting them off. Or it can help you persevere with something that you know will take you where you need to be if you can just keep going. Root chakra This colour is linked to the energy centre, referred to as the Root or Base chakra. In Sanskrit it’s referred to as Muladhara. It nurtures your most basic needs and desires, first and foremost being the desire to live. The center is situated in the lower part of the spine and stretches down to the feet and out to the hands. This Chakra is all about survival, instincts and stability. The base Chakra roots the body and the soul to the earth, and draws its energy from the ground. It is your main power station and it is connected to your physical vitality and endurance. Red is linked with the heart and blood and is associated with love, life and sexuality. Red energy supports the nervous system and the movement of blood, strengthening bones and encouraging the constant renewal of healthy cells. It energises the adrenal glands. If you are drawn to this colour then chances are you feel tired, drained, dull or exhausted and in need of a boost. It also suggests you may have security or financial issues, need stability and to persevere with something at the moment or perhaps you want the courage to take the first step. A Red giveaway If Red is your favourite colour and you wear it all the time then it marks you out as a passionate, loving person who likes to be noticed. You make a great leader and are someone who would be good at running a business or department. You are successful in all that you do, and know you can do it best. A word of caution – remember to delegate otherwise you will burn yourself out. Colour Statements with Red Energy I have tested the statements with and without colour both personally and with my students and I have found the resonance of coupling the words with the colour adds greater power as they are integrated on a deeper level in our subconscious mind. Focus on the words and the energy of red as you repeat these colour statements. Feel free to create your own. • With Red I feel alive and well. • I bask in the red ray where all my needs are met. • I am filled with strength, energy, love and courage allowing me to live a fulfilling life. • I am free to have plenty as I am enveloped in red from head to toe.