tumblr_mlt8splPTz1rdd58ro1_400 With the beautiful sunny days and blue skies, I feel a lift of spirits everywhere I go. I love to watch this in action. People are taking the time to sit outside coffee shops and bars here in Brussels. They have a little sparkle in their eyes and seem filled with a sense of renewal and hope that winter is behind them for another 7 months.   They are taking the time to meet with friends or loved ones after work or Mums are out with their prams and buggies and enjoying this great bright sunny weather despite the slight nip in the air. This gives a fresh perspective and so is an ideal time for you to give yourself and your life a fresh perspective too. The evenings are getting that bit longer with each passing day and I am reminded of the importance of light and the joy one feels when immersed in natural light.   Remember without light there is no colour and without light there is no life. me all need light to revive our spirit and vegetation needs light to grow and nourish us. It’s important to make the most of these bright days and spring energy to refocus, reset and realign I to what me want to experience in our lives.   Use the spring colours to help you take the necessary steps to keep you shining and naturally energised. This can be as simple as buying a beautiful array of colourful tulips or if you need a spark of clarity, go for those yellow daffodils. This will add beauty and colour to your home or office as well as help make you feel good, while reviving and enlivening you.   I feel me can learn a lot from Mother Nature and by observing her me can align ourselves to her rhythm and become more in tune. Nature has also come to life these last few weeks. The buds on the trees are growing bigger and coming alive. Spring flowers are emerging. So clear the ground and pull up those weeds that have been strangling growth. You’ll find possibilities and opportunities will appear that you couldn’t have seen through the darker winter months.   So what do you want to change in your life? Take advantage of this spring energy to renew and revive you and your world. It’s a great time to put procrastination to bed and take some action. Implement a few firsts, and change things a little. This is one of the reasons why I launched my Transformational 1-2-1 Program as it’s a great time of year to get things done, get going and rid yourself of blocks, beliefs or behaviours no longer serving you. I am opening up three more 30 minute strategy calls if you would like to explore further, here is access to my diary.