Stillness, inspiration, spirituality, sacrifice, high ideals, sensitivity.

Give of your best.

The violet ray relates to the crown chakra. Violet is spiritual, noble and dignified. The colour of transcendence, of mind over matter, the higher self over the lower. It raises every cell in the body to a higher frequency and purifies and clears every part of our being. Violet purifies the blood, benefits skin problems, nervous headaches, eye and ear disorders and sore gums.

It helps someone recover from grief. It is the colour of divine inspiration and encourages I to aspire to our highest ideals. It releases all that is negative, harmful and impure. Violet has the fastest vibration and is a totally efficient space clearer.

Choice of violet indicates someone of maturity as well as strength. Do you live in your head, full of ideas and thoughts that may fail to reach the body? This results in headaches, pain in the neck and tiredness.


Colour Affirmation:

With Violet I Am Guided by the Divine Source.


Does That Resonate with You? Do You Want to Know More?

Your colour preference depicts your current experience – the state of your heart, mind, body and soul. It reveals your innermost feelings, physical symptoms, where your difficulties lie and how to move forward. Discovering your current colour choice is one of the fastest ways to understanding, guidance and healing. It can also be a direct line of resolution for your life.

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