Communication, calming, healing the emotions, love, creativity and intuition.

Linking your heart with what you say.

Turquoise is the colour often associated with the hypothalamus gland, responsible for hormone production, or throat chakra. Turquoise helps open lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word. Being drawn to this colour says that you are needing to link what you say with the heart. When we speak with our hearts the true essence of who we are emerges in a loving, calming and balanced way. This colour also indicates the need for emotional healing and balancing and in turn stability.

It is a friendly and happy colour that enjoys life. Turquoise has more to do with feeling and creative expression than with rational thought. You can even sense this as you feel the effects of turquoise calming and relaxing you. It has the ability to give you that ‘holiday feel’ as it combines the light blue of the sky with the invigorating green of the sea. Somehow there is a sense of expansiveness and opening of doors that takes place with this ray.

The shadow side of this colour is selfishness, me, myself and I.


Colour Affirmation:

With Turquoise I speak from the heart.


Does That Resonate with You? Do You Want to Know More?

Your colour preference depicts your current experience – the state of your heart, mind, body and soul. It reveals your innermost feelings, physical symptoms, where your difficulties lie and how to move forward. Discovering your current colour choice is one of the fastest ways to understanding, guidance and healing. It can also be a direct line of resolution for your life.

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