Purity, love, prosperity and uplifting


Opal is a colour that has the purity of white but is warmer, inviting and connects with the invisible realms.

If you are drawn to the opal colour you are being guided to develop more your spiritual side at a deeper level.  Go within to get the answers. Things aren’t as they seem, step into the light and follow your intuition.  Your heart knows, follow your hearts souls calling.  It’s your time.


Colour Affirmation:

It’s safe for me to trust my intuitive guidance and power in the loving embrace of opal light.


Does That Resonate with You? Do You Want to Know More?

Your colour preference depicts your current experience – the state of your heart, mind, body and soul. It reveals your innermost feelings, physical symptoms, where your difficulties lie and how to move forward. Discovering your current colour choice is one of the fastest ways to understanding, guidance and healing. It can also be a direct line of resolution for your life.

Connect with me to delve deeper in the meanings of colour and how it can help change your life.