Intuitive, inspired, teacher, obsessive, fearful.

Be true to your purpose and vision.

Indigo relates to the brow, often referred to as the third eye. Indigo influences the eyes, ears and nose as well as the pituitary gland. This colour has the capacity to stimulate the memory and relieve physical pain and induce relaxation and sleep. Indigo can give fortify and strengthen our resolve and give a sense of determination to proceed with clear, focused thought.
Indigo is a good aid for meditation. Indigo has a calming and sedative effect on the body, helping with insomnia, night sweats, hot flushes and rashes. It’s cooling, calming effect can bring relief to eczema, bruising, boils, ulcers, chicken pox and shingles. Indigo purifies the mind as well as the body, helping release fears and calm the mind.

Being drawn to this colour can indicate you need to look and understand some issues that are occupying your mind. You may be feeling lonely down or depressed just now. Or have you been suffering headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety and depression. Your circulation is a little sluggish and needs a kick start. Keep an eye on your diet and exercise more. Remember to breathe correctly, as breath is the ultimate link to life itself.


Colour Affirmation:

With Indigo All Is Perfect, Whole and Complete


Does That Resonate with You? Do You Want to Know More?

Your colour preference depicts your current experience – the state of your heart, mind, body and soul. It reveals your innermost feelings, physical symptoms, where your difficulties lie and how to move forward. Discovering your current colour choice is one of the fastest ways to understanding, guidance and healing. It can also be a direct line of resolution for your life.

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