Optimistic yellow energy – clarity, discernment, confidence, happiness, awareness, pessimistic,controlling.
Sun Now it is time to connect with yellow energy and turn up the volume on your personal strength and happiness. Yellow generates happiness, confidence and positivity. This colour is a very important one in keeping your confidence and self-esteem high so you believe in yourself and are courageous enough to be yourself and do what’s needed to ensure you reach your full potential.   Watch your ego Yellow is linked to the solar plexus, 2-3 inches above the navel as well as being associated with the mind. Hence it is considered to be a great colour for studying. Your mind is kept alert and able to take in more information. It is the colour of the self and the ego. me all need our mind and intellect to make good decisions and yellow can help expand the mind with new ideas, clarity and logic so you make mindful, practical decisions. BUT, you know as well as I do, making decisions with ‘mind’ alone may not necessarily lead to the best outcome for you. So mindful yellow needs to connect with that intuitive gut instinct which is seated in the solar plexus. Yellow is associated with the sun – bright, warm and uplifting. However, as with the sun, when you overdo it you can get burnt and start to feel uneasy and fearful. Too much yellow could be doing you more harm than good or it might just turn you off on account of its associations with bile. Lively yellow Focusing on the positives of yellow can increase your confidence and help you feel empowered as you reconnect with your personal power and inner strength. You’ll feel worthy of having, being and doing all you yearn and dream of. Yellow lessens feelings of inadequacy and relieves fatigue where life seems like a big effort. Yell-ow You can see as me move from darker times in winter to sunnier days of spring and summer, people instantly feel more energised, smile more and are generally more optimistic. This is because yellow is the energiser, relieving exhaustion, boosting digestion and speeding up the elimination of waste products and toxins in the body, so me are raring to go. Bring it on, it yells! Yellow trigger If your favourite colour is yellow, you are an optimistic individual, and very mind focused, with endless ideas. However you could have a tendency to over analyse and talk yourself in and out of things. Being fearful and lacking confidence can also be a yellow trigger. Here you need to be working with yellow and some positive statements that can be fed into yourbody, mind and soul so you slowly feel and believe that you are the most powerful unique being on earth. There is no other like you and so you better get on and shine your light with confidence, power and courage. Step into those yellow shoes that are rightfully yours so the world notices you and knows you have arrived You have all you need within you. The endless searching outside of yourself for knowledge and confirmation prevents you from connecting to your inner voice and your innate wisdom and guidance. Combine the yellow gut instinct with your mindful yellow so there is no more holding back. Instead you will experience a freedom and liberation that will lift you up like a plane taking off to destinations in life you may not have thought as possibilities. Colour statements with yellow Focus on these words and the energy of yellow as you repeat these statements. Feel free to create your own. • With yellow I am open to happiness and spontaneity. • I am filled with yellow as I fully step into my personal power and inner strengths. • Yellow fills me with confidence, courage and vibrance. • I feel worthy enough to have my dreams met now as I am basked in the yellow ray.