Patience, maintaining belief in yourself, asking for help and following signs in the search for the answers to your questions are key to leading you to what you want. In September I started on the journey of reviewing my brand, as I felt it didn’t reflect the great power, enlightenment and transformation I bring to those I work with, and it was no longer a true reflection of who I am. Firstly, I knew that for great things to be birthed you need expertise – just as a midwife helps birth a child, I needed a unique creative professional to help me birth this new brand of mine. It’s time had come it, it was ready to be born. I started the search and right there in front of my nose I found her and oh what a treasure she proved to be. Next I thought who do I deeply care about who understands what I do and knows me well enough,and instantly, one of my best friends of 20 years who knows me inside out came to mind. I consulted some of my enlightened clients who through working with me have experienced great transformation. Much to-ing and fro-ing between us followed and yet still the name wasn’t coming. I knew this brand had heart so I trusted that it would be revealed to me though I didn’t know when. I don’t know about you but sometimes I love this not knowing, it gives me a great sense of excitement. Over the years I’ve learnt the role of patience and trust so this is what I called on while waiting for it to be revealed and birthed at some later stage. Finally this week when I was talking with this best friend of mine on the phone, she interrupted me and said “Sorry I have to stop you because I have your brand name.” OMG it was an epic moment, so magical and so amazing. I am not going to reveal it here today. Like a mother with a new born baby who doesn’t want to take the infant outdoors in the early weeks but opts to stay inside cuddling and admiring this gift, I want to sit and marvel and enjoy this brand name that’s a REAL REFLECTION OF ME, AND WHAT I DO. I am telling you this because I want you to learn from it. Those dreams, desires and wishes that are very meaningful need a team of elf’s to help you realise them. You simply can’t do it alone because if you try to do it by yourself they will take so much longer to manifest. If you harness the help of an expert or professional you will be well served. By having a team of advocates to bounce these inspired ideas and suggestions off you are bound to be onto a winner. And the added bonus is the fun you’ll get from sharing this journey. It’s priceless. The celebrations and high fives I have been having with the small trusted team who have been part of this very special process have been pure joy. So I best get back to admiring and cuddling my new brand that is SO ME and in the New Year when the golden energy comes in I will share it with you. Meanwhile I wish you an absolutely fabulously festive indulgent joyful Christmas!