Blue energy – healing, trust, loyalty, peace, communication, unfaithful.
out of blue STEP UP AND OUT Blue is a colour that induces peace, calm and possibilities, where the sky’s the limit and there are oceans of possibilities available for you. Blue’s message is to show yourself.  Put yourself forward, overcome those fears or blocks that may be holding you back and just do it. Blue is responsible for aligning you to your life purpose.  Spend some time with blue, wear it, carry a blue agate crystal, or place this crystal on your throat as you lie down and rest for a few minutes and see if you feel any shifts or coincidences. 😉 PUSH FORWARD This colour is gentle and caring while also having the ability to push you forward. Get out of your own way, speak your truth, mean what you say and say what you mean, and you will feel a renewed sense of energy and freedom. Blue is the communicator of the spectrum and has a clearing and cleansing effect.  It’s associated with the throat chakra linked to communication and the thyroid gland responsible for our hormones, which induces how me feel. It’s important to have this channel open so you can receive your intuitive messages and integrate them into the your physical life. You will see the results in your life experience.  The throat center is at play when you voice what you want to deeply express inside of you and show yourself to the world. Blue wants you to get out of your own way and show yourself to the world for who you truly are. TRUST Blue asks you to trust. Trust your innate abilities and gifts; trust in the Universe as she guides you along your life’s journey. It’s the energetic link between the physical and spiritual realms. When the two are in harmony, great magic can take place. Be aware of how you feel when you look up at the blue sky; it really has the ability to fill your soul, to expand while soothing and reassuring. You are a perfect beautiful being of light and don’t ever forget it or doubt it. There is something soothing about blue. It has the ability to ease sore throats and combats stress, is an anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic, relieves stings, itchiness and rashesand fevers. Place an inch of water in a blue glass, cover the top with tissue paper, so the blue is not dilluted and leave by the window in natural sunlight for about 6 hours.  and if you have a sore throat gargle with this and sip some water. It is also a great way to take in some blue calm, and anti-inflammatory properties. me cover this in the colour course and the students are amazed at how the taste varies from colour to colour. DRAWN TO BLUE Those drawn to blue feel a sense of protection, care and responsibility to others and the universe. You are gifted and are here to communicate. You have a great way of getting your message across that people can easily connect with and understand.  Be careful with your use of blue though as too much can have you ‘feeling blue’. It can also say that you may be holding onto something or someone that no longer serves you. Feeling blue and lonely? This colour is telling you to nourish the part of you that longs to do something worthwhile and find a new direction. Blue is the gateway between the physical and spiritual and can help you realise your souls purpose and express your creative ideas. Colour Statements with Blue Energy I have tested the statements with and without colour both personally and with my students and I have found the resonance of coupling the words with the colour adds greater power as they are integrated on a deeper level in our subconscious mind. Focus on the words and the energy of blue as you repeat these colour statements. Feel free to create your own. • Blue has me at peace. • I open myself up to the endless opportunity blue draws me towards. • As I am wrapped in blue light my stress and worries are soothed away. • The blue ray fills me with feelings of freedom and ease. So if you would like help in accomplishing the attributes of the blue ray, lets talk. You can book a free 30 minute breakthrough session with me. Here is a link to my calendar,