One the eve of my 43rd birthday... Here I am on the eve of my 43rd birthday, reflecting about where I have come from all those years ago when I first entered into this world at 12.05 am the 7th April 1973, after my twin sister who was born at midnight.  I was just 3lbs, born by forceps and put straight in to an incubator where I remained for 6 weeks, and was taken out from time to time for cuddles by the nurses and my parents. My Mother told me the doctors told her I was a fighter and a survivor and that it would be this drive inside me that would keep me alive.  They were right. 🙂 Today I have also been thinking of my Mother who this time 43 years ago was in the throws of a very difficult labour and who gifted us with so much love that has carried us through life, and enabled us to show that love and share that love with those we connect with.  She passed 4 years ago and is still missed terribly, so a candle in a pink glass is being lit for her, and I will most likely have a brandy tomorrow on her behalf.  She earned it! 🙂 Having done all the energy work these last 20 years I have  learn’t the greater meaning of what made me who I am today, the forceps birth had me put myself under pressure, some of which was unnecessary pressure all because my first experience into the world was pressure in my head from the forceps.  As my home was an incupbator for the first six weeks of my life, it is no doubt that having my own home and property were important to me.  I have reprogrammed all of that over my 43 year history. Working with colour has been my profound gift, I have got to know my souls colour blue print and how that influences why I am the way I am, what I have come back to learn, what colour is there to support me and what colour and attributes I have inside me to draw upon.  You know we are given so much to give us every possibilty to shine and live an abundant fulfilled life. Out of all the years of my life I feel this past year has been my most significant.  As I took my walk today,  I was thinking about the miracle of life and I got the message ‘you are a miracle worker’.  I feel this is what this last year has been all about for me,  to accept and acknowledge that I am a miracle worker, which of course is enabled by my guides and Angels. But they have chosen me to carry out this work and be the enabler to free people to be their infinite beautiful, shiny selves. It has been a tough year on one hand,  too many sleepless nights with three young kids, then there were the times where I didn’t have or get what I wanted or expected but on the other hand I have learn’t something amazing.  That what I want isn’t necessarily what I need and the importance of Divine timing.  I have learn’t to not push but to accept, to be patient, a tough one for an Aries, to manoeuvre and give way to another way, follow and trust my guidance, receive support and help and to enjoy every moment because there is always a higher meaning and blessing to any of life’s experience.   And how now we are being guided to do things differently and be the leaders of this more fulfilling and new way of being, thats serves our highest good and the good of all concerned.   And today that was sealed with the message of me seeing and accepting myself as a miracle worker.  We are all miracles. I have for the first time in my life truly feel confident in myself and my abilities as a person and as a coach, teacher, trainer and colour therapist.  I have this week realised that my mission behind the work I do is that everyone I touch finds liberation,  inner and outer peace and feels lighter, energised and are encouraged to confidently follow the calling of their heart and stand up and stand out to glow their true colours, to keep rising all the while glowing their own unique light. So as I go into this new year and with the energy of the new moon on my birthday 7th April, its bringing “freedom of spirit and expansion of soul. The new moon energy wants us to be reminded of the words of William Blake. We are always aware, and yet unaware, of this simple, subtle, and incontrovertible fact that we know in our hearts but yet not always in our heads, that “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” I have learn’t something profound about money, these last few weeks.  That it’s not only an energy, but it has a colour and a personality, and if we treat money like a personality, to feel welcomed, respected, bountiful and plentiful it can  serve everyone for the greater good.  That the lack of money doesn’t have to do with beliefs and all the other things you have been told, it goes deeper than that.  Like a coin with two sides, there are two sides to anyones money story, you too are made of two sides the mind/ego and soul/spirit, the sun and moon, up and down, day and night. And so as I sit here and reflect and appreciate all this past year has taught me,  and my mission of bringing greater peace, freedom and lightness and joy to the world, I have decided to offer you an opportunity to experience this money colour formula, at a fraction of the price. So on Wednesay 13th April at 9pm CET, I will be running an online workshop on How to attract more money with colour.  This is normally €495, but as its my 43rd birthday I will be giving it to you for €43.  You will experience the healing and what this formula is all about and have your money blocks cleared and transformed. I know maybe you think I have gone mad as the reaction I have had from those I shared this with said ‘thats incredibly generous.” That may be so but it means that we can celebrate together and if money is holding you back from glowing your true colours then I am giving you the opportunity to change that on 13th April. As this inspiration came today, I am having my web team prepare the registration page, so if you want to be sent this offer then drop me an email at, and I will ensure you get sent the information and registration details.  Wishing you a great new moon and rest of the week. Tomorrow I will be enjoying my birthday with my lovely boys, little girl and my husband.  Killian my 5 year old is all excited as he said he wants to give me a transformer!  Aren’t I a lucky Mum.  I am going to enjoy the exictement with them.  They love birthdays, if you don’t jump to their commands you are threatened with not being invited to their birthdays. 🙂  So looking forward to seeing what they have in store for me.