Photo from energy brings with it change and renewal. Embrace it as it’s aligning you to the true essence of who you are. This week’s blog will focus on some of the ways you can bring the inside changes outward so you reflect this new, fresher you.

One of the logical and fun ways to do this is through the clothes you wear. What me wear affects I so now is a good time to look through your wardrobe and see if the colours and styles you’re wearing still reflect the TRUE YOU. The clothes me wear have a big influence on how me feel and how me are viewed by the world.

Sorting through your garments is a great place to start towards getting you in a positive frame of mind, as well as being a gentle reminder to you each day as you open your wardrobe and choose the colours and style that now reflects you.

Enhance your LOA (Law of Attraction) antenna too, by actually wearing the clothes that you feel reflects who you want to become. This will get you to feel as if it has already happened, and so you are more inclined to align yourself to that frequency and you can increase the volume by using the colours that possess that frequency. In bringing this into the physical form you are sending out a strong resonance on who you really are on the inside.

Ideally it would be best to have an expert help you with this, and I am so proud and pleased to introduce you to someone I trust and know very well. One of our recent colour graduates Melanie Clissmann is a Fashion Guru. Since she graduated she combines her innate sense of style with the knowledge she gained on the course. She can actually help you virtually via Skype. Her concept is at the pre-launch stage and I have managed to persuade her to offer you a pre launch package where she combines her eye for style and colour with the true essence of you. She will create a personalised portfolio of styles and colours to suit and compliment you while at the same time reflecting the true essence of who you are.

So meet Melanie and read on to find out more of what she is all about and what she says about her brand new spring package. testimonial 2

My philosophy resembles a Swedish saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.” I like to say that there is no such thing as a bad silhouette, just not the right clothes! My aim is to help you feel beautiful and confident by giving you the inspiration you need to discover your individuality and style.

As I prepare to launch my website in Autumn 2014, I am offering a special pre-launch Spring package.

The package is 120 Euros and includes: – a personalised style inspiration book; – two online mood boards of outfits with links to all the items; – styling support for two months following your consultation; and – a surprise gift delivered to your door!

The process begins with a questionnaire to get a sense of who you are as well gather some information to chart your colours, followed by a brief Skype interview to fill in the blanks. I will use my recent colour therapy training (thanks Marcia!) to chart your colours and influence my style recommendations. Once I have the information I need you will begin to receive your materials within 4 weeks. From there I’ll be available when you need me for consultations.

A little background about me: I have 14 years of experience in the fashion industry working for brands such as Reiss, Polo Ralph Lauren, Rip Curl, and Asics. For those companies I worked with designers to develop garments and fits, selected fabrics and colours, managed quality of the product as well as sourced where it would be made, negotiated costs and contracts, and ensured on time delivery. I travelled around the world and worked with people from diverse backgrounds.

Contact me at to receive your client questionnaire and arrange a 20 minute Skype chat with me so that me can get started. This special offer is valid until end May and is available in English or French.

Remember, when me feel in harmony with ourselves me are already making a positive contribution to the rest of the world!