anandalite_aRight now there is lots of talk about the world awakening, everything seems to be moving quicker, time is flying and people are going through a lot of change both voluntarily and involuntarily. More and more are becoming aware that me are all connected and that there is more than just the physical world me can see and touch.   Our planet and our people on it are being forced to let go of what no longer serves, release limiting beliefs and blocks holding them back from being their true vibrant selves and doing what they are meant to do on this earth plane.   What is needed at this time of change and transformation is emotional support and help to everyone, so they can take the leap of change needed, which will ensure me are all living in heavenly earth.   I have been working with Anandalite, a new stone of Transformation and Awakening, which comes from Colorado which, I was drawn to buy at the Tuscon Gem Show early this year. I am finding working with Anandalite crystal pairs in my colour healing sessions, the soul and ego meet, reassurance and balance is restored and my clients are literally transforming into their own true selves. The general feedback is they feel great joy, a joy they have never experienced before. I think this is the joy from a soul level.   In subsequent sessions, I don’t recognize their energy, they are vibrating a renewed lighter energy and they are feeling joyful and it’s like all their spiritual gifts are appearing right before their eyes.   What people are going through is likened to a birthing process which can have some discomfort as the baby comes down the birth canal, but once they have made it, they arrive in the loving comfort of their Mothers arms, only me arrive in the loving comfort of our true essence. This ultimately leads to living a life of true happiness, joy, care and love, which is our birth right.   I have given these crystals to my clients to hold and they instantly feel the powerful energy it radiates. This Anandalite crystal has the ability to change the frequency of our energetic body and literally transforms our energy to one of multicoloured light. Involuntarily both I and my clients sway and I feel it’s like a calibration of our energy to that of the 5th dimension. This experience is quite a centering and balancing experience. So if you are going through change, burn out or any discomfort, I urge you to give this crystal a try or come for a colour crystal consultation in person or via skype and experience its power for yourself. To buy this crystal or book a session, call Marcia on +32473677341.