UN-BECOMEEVERYTHING THAT ISN'T REALLY YOU BUBBLES Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.  Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. How does that very phrase make you feel as you read it? I know for me, this realization gave me the greatest sense of relief.  I just love that realization. As a nation we are taught that we HAVE to do things, we HAVE to be a certain way, we HAVE to fit in, we HAVE to abide by rules. Check in with the feeling and vibration of the word HAVE, oooh its heavy, it has a kinda mossy green colour associated with it that actually tends to sit like a ton of bricks on the heart. But if you were to view it another way, and see that you CAN just un-become anything that really doesn’t resonate with you, then you can start to feel a whole lot lighter and liberated. Then you feel you are not losing anything because it wasn’t you in the first place. leaves-1051937_1920 Just like when you look at these leaves, they are all leaves but they are very different in colour, shape and size, just like you are like no other.  There is no one in the world like you, we are here to bring out and use our own unique gifts in our own unique way, with the global cause of service.  Coming from a place of service, making a difference, it can be as simple as a reassuring word, or a big as having a global presence, but it all has the same effect. Now more than ever it is essential for us to look within and get to know our own uniqueness, our own essence, who we really are, what is the calling of our own unique heart and then live by the beat of our own unique heart, rather than follow the heart beat of others calling.  Quite often we get lost in the thoughts of how we or it should or shouldn’t be. This is what I work on in my personalised 1-2-1 programs, they are personalised because no two people are the same, each person needs a different tool or technique, but the funny thing is the result tends to be the same.  They feel lighter, happier, more connected to themselves but different  in a way that words can’t describe, as  the unique work I do using colour and spirit as my toolkit, it resonates with the uniqueness of each person from where they are at. This is what is involved in my personalised 1-2-1 Programs, one of my lovely clients Breege describes it so well of what it means to un-become something. “I discovered Colour Harmonie completely by accident at a time in my life when I was encountering a number of blocks that seemed surmountable. I was looking for a practical and tangible way of addressing these old issues. Colour fits the bill in so many ways, so finding Colour Harmonie was very much a case of being in the right place at the right time. Marcia’s enthusiasm for what she does is very inspiring, and obvious from the first time you speak to her. The colour blueprint that she prepared for me took my breath away with its level of detail (colour!) and the insight into some challenges that I was encountering at the time. It also helped me to reacquaint myself with aspects of myself that I had forgotten about. I consider myself to be quite introvert but Marcia pointed out that one of “my” colours is yellow, which would suggest that I am a great networker (her exact words!). After digesting this information, I suddenly remembered that I always seem to know the right person to get in touch with. How could I have forgotten that I am frequently approached by family, friends and colleagues for advice on who to contact for a given reason???  This is only one example of what we came up with during the face-to-face session. Marcia has a gift of explaining things in a concise way, and at helping her clients look at situations / blocks from a fresh angle. What is also wonderful about her is that her intuition is spot on, and she knows exactly when to follow up with you, at a time when you really need nurturing”. Breege Smith So Breege, she unbecame the quite introvert and recognised her innate ability of being the go to person. So if you would like to explore this concept, and journey with me 1-2-1 on my Colour Clarity Breakthrough or True Colours Program, then the first step is to fill in a questionnaire, click here to access it.  I will get back to you within 48 hours to let you know if we go the next step, which is a  FREE 1 hour discovery call, where together we look at where you are, where you want to go and what could be stopping you, and uncover if this program could unlock you to living your life on your terms. If we determine that this is right for you, you will see during our work, that as my work is an inside out process it will filter into every aspect of your personal and professional life. Just like when you turn on a light in a room it fills every corner of the room rather than parts of the room. In the work I do it sheds light on every aspect of your life and so it lights up every corner of your life. 🙂