13236183_10208496188496790_918327145_nI don’t know about you but I am loving May this year. It has a softness and a gentle expansiveness tone. It is sparking opportunities for those who have done the inner work and made the outer changes to reflect the renewed self. Now you are going to have a few emotional days as turquoise is associated with healing our emotions and bringing us back into balance, but overall it is a month where you can start to feel good. It is about enjoying the present moment and seeing what the future brings. The reason I know this, is because May this year is associated with Turquoise.. You see Turquoise has many uses as a colour in terms of healing and self-discovery, It is a heart opener where it connects your heart with what you say. When we are speaking from our hearts we not only feel good but we feel more connected, confident, hopeful and we believe in possibilities. Turquoise is made up of ‘green’ and ‘blue’, with green bringing in the harmony, healing, balance and abundance and it is getting us to look at our finances too! While the blue is taking us into visibility and expansiveness that we all need to make the most of this golden energy of 2016, making it a year of change, prosperity, wealth, prosperity; sacrifice and completion that is shaken us up, and turning us inside out and upside down but know that in the end you will come up smelling of roses. 🙂 lamb-292512_1920 This is one of the reasons I decided to host the Colour Therapy Training Retreat last weekend because this retreat is all about expansivenss, connecting to your heart and being more visible and grounded in who you are. The next colour course will start in September and there is a reason why I have chosen Spetember, it’s all based on the colour and energy of that particular month, so stay tuned on that one… Living in terms of connecting with the energy helps let go of any resistance and to live more in the flow of what wants to unfold. primroses-697144_1920 May in itself brings possibilities and hope, it’s when we see the flowers begin to bloom, the month where we see those lovely lambs being born and skipping wildly around the fields, and the little calf’s, and the birds’ nests with little baby birds, signaling birthing. I just love primroses, they remind me of walking in the woods as a child and so when I see primroses my heart flutters with delight. I was then thinking about how we use the word ‘May’ in our life and I just found it magical. When we use MAY it signals that it could be possible, such as the way I respond to my kids with a MAYBE when they want another cookie or to watch television. 😉 We also send off wishes to others as we say May you have life of plenty or I love the Irish saying ‘Go n-éirí an bóthar leat’, meaning may the road rise to meet you. wish-782424_1920 I then came across these lovely words at the top of this page and I thought this is what May is all about and this is my wish for you this month. So embrace the offerings of May and the turquoise colour and energy. It is here to connect you with your hearts desires. I am running a FREE Online Masterclass,“How to attract all the clients you want with colour” on 26th May 8pm UK, 9pm Belgian, 3pm EST for business owners on “How to attract all the clients you want with colour”. If you want to know how you can harness colour for your own business success, join in on this masterclass, an insightful interactive and fun Masterclass is promised.:) CLICK HERE to register.