I am thrilled to be sharing with you what the colour and vibration is for May 2019, that will support you and you can dance with. May’s color ray is Magenta, one of my favourite colours.

This month is going to be the month where you are encouraged to let go of the limits, programs and lack consciousness keeping you from what is yours by Divine right.  The Magenta  is the colour of Divine Feminine Empowerment, Balance, Nurturing, Entrepreneurship, Love, Wealth and Pleasure.

Magenta is made up of a combination of violet and red.   The red aspect of magenta calls us to ground and connect with the essence of who we are.  While the violet tends to the Spiritual side.

MAGENTA is calling us to embrace balance. Where in your life are imbalances showing up?

Where in your life are you sacrificing yourself?

This month us about Divine Feminine Empowerment. It is really connecting in with the senses, the feelings, the intuition. This month we as women are going to be asked to be softer with ourselves.  

You are taken care of always by Divine.  You are invited to live out the expansiveness of your soul, claim the abundance that’s waiting for you as it’s your Divine right and share your gifts with the world.  

This month I am offering four breakthrough calls to help guide you through the Month of May. To claim one, go to the Let’s Chat tab.

Wishing you an nourishing Magenta May!