I have put together a series of three mini-classes that will enable you to energetically clear and be connected, bringing the highest intent and frequency and allowing yourself to get the full benefit of connecting with the soul of your business.

Each mini-class is 8 minutes or less.

XO, Marcia

Clearing and Grounding

Here is the first mini-masterclass where I take you through clearing and grounding. Clearing your energy is the key to raising your vibration and being a clear channel to connect within and find your own inner guidance system.  Grounding is essential to having more money, being available for more clients and being fully connected to your highest souls expansion and infinite potential.  If you are not grounded you are unsteady and unavailable for your Highest Divine Plan.

The Power of Intention

The second mini-masterclass, I talk about and share an energetic tool on the power of intention. This is essential to creating the results you desire from a place of abundance over lack.  When you set an intention it is like writing it into the web of the Universe.  What you focus on expands when you are in the right energetic space. Let the Universe do the magic as you set your intentions like wands so you experience magical synchronicities as part of your every day living.

The Art of Allowing

This is a healing meditation on the art of allowing.  This is a HUGE aspect of living from your power and allowing the soul of your business to guide you.  

Here is a truth.  God/Divine Source or whatever Source you work with ALWAYS HAS YOUR GOOD IN MIND.  The thing is, we tend to get in our own way!  When you master allowing, all is yours by Divine right and comes to pass.