Make 2018 Count. It is a year that can change everything…

JOIN me Marcia to kick start 2018 and set yourself for a great year. The color for 2018 is golden orange.  A year where we are being called to tap deeper into the Divine Feminine Presence.  This is a year where you get to own your power as a manifesto and creator. Creativity, positivity, and joy are all for the taking this year. Letting go of long-standing hurts, patterns, and ways that are an old paradigm and stepping into the powerful manifesting creator you are is what is here for you this year. I am offering a FREE 12 DAY COLOUR HEALING AND REFLECTION RITUAL to ensure you get off to a flying start and harness the magic 2018 holds. This is my 10th year offering this because I KNOW its a game changer and I see this an opportunity to give back and make a difference. The more of us are in high vibe, happy and wealthy from the inside out the better our world will be. All you need to do is SIGN UP here.  
During the first 12 days,  I will come into your inbox and I the private Facebook page. Each day we focus on a new topic that is key to you having a GREAT YEAR. We look back, heal, remove, and upgrade. We make wishes and intentions. There are lots of fun, support and light bulb moments.
As of 1st January, I will send you an email each day with an exercise and I will be doing regular FB lives in The Colour and Wealth Alchemy Private FB Page. Days 10 to 12 there is a detox so we do an energetic and physical clearing so that all aspects of ourselves are taken care of. You will get a meal plan and we will work with three main colours that can ground, cleanse and heal your body and set you up to embrace the new year from a renewed standpoint. There will be card readings and guidance. These 12 days are refreshing, enlightening, and magical. So without further ado, click the signup button below to join me for the 12 Day Colour Ritual.