pink-heart It’s time to take stock and this week would be a great time to do that as its the New Moon tomorrow 18th February 2015, and is a particularly powerful one because according to Rebekah Shaman its a super moon, where the Earth, Sun and Moon are all in a line, and so looking at where you are at, what you want to let go of and what you want to create and co-create in this powerful energetic phase based on the real you. That unstoppable, bright shiny star that you are. If me all were shining our true light, can you imagine how amazing that would be? I said to my husband the other day what if every one of I were coming from a place of love all the time, there would be no need for rules, limitations, regulations because our intent would be love. So my intent is this that me would all be love, love and self care, loving kindness, loving ourselves, loving our life, loving one another. So this week breathe in pink, send pink loving thoughts to those you meet, those you pass on the street. I visualise a pink wand of light and see how your week unfolds.:) I also wanted to reassure you if you have been feeling overwhelmed and uneasy this weekend and these last few days. There is an energetic reason for that so go easy on yourself. There are conscious evolutionary shifts happening on the planet whether me are aware of this or not its affecting each and every one of us. This weekend in particular was a weekend where there has been extremely strong Light waves flooding through the Grid and this will be propelling I all forward. It is time to move on from what is not a part of the highest vision for your life. It is time to make some decisions that come from the heart’s knowing, the emotions arising from the deepest part of your soul. The time for procrastination and delaying is over. It’s time to follow your hearts desires, write them down and each week just do something that will lead you where you want to go. just like planning a wedding, you plan your life. You have important relationships to form and nurture, ones that are crucial for the Divine Mission that you have signed up for whene you arrived here on Earth. You have chosen to be here now for a reason. No longer can you put off what you came here to do. No longer can you resist your own magnificence and the Call of your Heart. No longer can you play the Martyr in your relationships. No longer can you avoid the Sacred Keys that you hold within your being. If you are needing support then I have a few places opening up in March on my 1-2-1 Personalised Program, and me can set a discovery session to see if you are ready for all that awaits you.