Hello Lovelies

I just wanted to say welcome along to my colourful, inspirational website – I hope it finds you well and you take something away with you today. I want to start off by saying it has been some time since I dedicated any time, energy and my resources to my blog, which left me unsure of where to begin again. There is so much I want to tell you, so much happening in the here and now that I want you to know and embrace; but where to start…

so I am starting by looking back.


I turned 45 years old a few weeks ago and wrote most of this post during my stay in Paris. With mercury in retrograde at the time I used the time to reflect, review and acknowledge all the past year has gifted me with. Stay with my story until the end and hopefully, you will have an idea of what you can achieve too if you feel ready to join me and Live in Your Power.

  I am feeling so abundant, grounded and connected, 5 bouquets of flowers I have received, amongst other beautiful heartfelt gifts.  I never received so many flowers in my life.  
birthday flowers

thank you to everyone who wished me well on my birthday. xxx


This proves to me the importance of going through the process of embodying your power.

There is a process to this, steps to this.  The first step is to see and acknowledge that you are powerful.  Before, when someone would say Marcia you are amazing, you have transformed my life, I am experiencing miracles because of you.  I always brushed it off, saying ‘its not me it’s my guides’.  It wasn’t until my branding lady said to me ‘ The healing doesn’t happen unless you are in the room’. I burst into tears at this realization.  Of course, it’s like being given a gift and you handing it back and saying no I don’t want it.  How ungrateful of me to do this to Divine Source and my Divine Management team as well as my clients giving me these compliments.

This allowed me to receive and acknowledge my part to play in the transformation that happens when I work with clients.  When you get to this stage then you are ready to step into your power.

What came next was an opportunity where I took a chance on me. 

I invested in myself heavily (how often do we as female entrepreneurs ever really allow ourselves to do that?!) and I realized that it was the first time I took a chance on me, I mean REALLY gave to ME.  I somehow had this knowing that my soul was calling me out.  This is where I allowed me to be the receiver for a change,  I stepped up into the biggest version of myself.  I got to know ME on a deeper level and I became my greatest advocate.  By believing in myself and knowing how I am wired I gave myself permission to show up as my Soul Intended.  It was at this stage that I really stepped into my power.

I found in this process that the more I stepped up and claimed my power, the more those around me benefited too, my husband, kids, friends, family and clients. I no longer questioned my knowing.  I trusted it fully. 

This prepared me to stand in my power.  Here I allowed myself to be seen, I shined my light, became more unapologetic and instead of being the pleaser I became the Leader.  Each time I stepped into more of who I am, I let go of the old paradigm more and more.  I let go of the struggle, the lack, the procrastination, justification, judgement, questioning and doubts.  I realized that all these conditions need to be let go of in order to fully stand in my power.  At this stage, I felt I was rebirthing every 2 weeks. It was like standing on the edge looking out to the beauty of the ocean and the waves spraying on my face to refresh me and renew me.


Once I mastered that I was able to own my power.  This was incredible.  A feeling of liberation, love, compassion and seeing myself as an equal, no better or worse than anyone else.  A shining light, where I was more than enough.

Here I acknowledged that my presence, my words and my energy moves energy and shifts people out of their own way in such a powerful, expansive and loving way.  Here is where I started to honour this power in a whole new way.  I used my own tools I was using with my clients for ME.  I became so raw and vulnerable and light I felt I could fly.

I felt like a  baby; I cried when I felt like crying, I laughed when I felt like laughing. Whatever I was feeling and sensing at the moment,  I expressed in the moment, instead of pushing it down.  This is such a liberating experience. 

It was then I was able to fully trust my knowing on a deeper level.  And this was where I was able to embody my power.  This embodiment started to integrate in December when I opened the doors to my Inner Wealth Academy, which is now known as The Inner Wealth Alchemy.  I filled this program, without a sales page, but with sitting down and channelling a total of 8 emails and doing intuitively led Facebook lives.  How these ladies came to me was phenomenal.  Here I trusted 150% in the Divine Plan.  I partnered with Divine Will.  It was so magical, so beautiful and so humbling.

The name change came after reading one of the participant’s posts in the private Facebook group.  Here is what she shared:

“As I wrote my daily post I was filled with such love and gratitude for you all, very emotional toward this group, you all have helped me step out of my own way and do something I LOVE. I am getting a space to share how much I adore life and its wonder. I am in awe of each and every one of you – sharing supporting giving advice and just being present. Have a lovely weekend ladies. xxxx  

Just look at this web – life is so so beautiful – We all are co-creators – spinning and weaving our lives with our creator – thank you for reminding me.”


I kept typing that day Inner Wealth Alchemy when I was searching for the group and finally it clicked.  Of course, it’s the alchemy in my work that aligns one with inner and outer wealth.  When I shared this in the group a couple of girls shared they too had been finding it hard to find the old name.  So it was all Divinely guided.

So here I am. Claiming and owning at 45 years old, I am fully living from my power.  It is the most liberating, joyful, energizing and connected place that I know will grow and grow.  I feel I am owning the throne, you often see me sit in my Facebook live streams. 🙂 

Stay tuned for more ways of how you can get a taste of what it is to go through this process where you get to fully live from you infinite power and have all you desire and more.

Much love to you all. xxx

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