yOUR bRUSSELS rETREAT wHERE YOU wILL gET tO eXPLORE tHE sPIRITUAL sITES AND pRA2ATCICE YOUR(1)We have just waved goodbye to a family of 6 who stayed with since last weekend and it was absolutely wonderful. You would think having 11 in the house would be too much, but it was a joy.  The kids played, we chatted, ate great food and  drank fine wine and enjoyed a bottle of Champagne to celebrate a great reunion on their last night. :0)  There is a lot to be said about the days where extended family and friends shared homes. While they were here they asked about how we got this house we now live in and where I work from.  And when we told my friends the story behond having this house, they were amazed and said “most others would have used the excuse of not having the money and wouldn’t have explored the option”. They were right and it made me realise that it’s never about the money. The saying where there is a will, there is a way, isn’t far off the truth. So it has led me to share this personal story with you. 8 years ago my boyfriend (now my husband) wanted to buy a house that had a separate entrance, so I could create a sacred space for my colour therapy and self-development work. We started exploring the auction route as we figured we would have more of a chance in finding the kind of house we wished for. The only glitch was that in Belgium you have to pay 15% of the auction price within 5 days of the auction being approved.  And we only had €3,000 between us. But we didn’t let that stop us, so Pierre-Alain went to the auction anyway, and had me sign the papers at 5am just before I boarded a plane to Ireland where I was giving colour therapy practitioner training. I felt myself energetically in the room with him. I said to my Angels and Guides “if this house is for us, let us have it at a price we can afford, and that I would share the space with them through my colour work”. My husband said his hands were super-hot throughout the auction. I was on edge waiting for the call from him to see if we had this dream home.  When he finally called I held my breath, we won the auction, at an amazing price, €20,000 less than what we had planned. We were thrilled, I jumped, and squealed with delight. But now we had to find 15% of the amount of the auction sale price within 5 days, and we only had €3,000! We managed to each take out a bank load individually.  And we wracked our brains as to who could help borrow us the rest…. We gathered a few thousand here and few thousand there from friends and family. With one day to go, we were still short €5,000 but we never gave up and on the 5th day, the due day of putting down the down payment we manifested the final €5,000 from a very good friend who called and said he could help us out. How many of you are using your lack of money as your reason to not going after your dream or stay small? The thing is, I would have done this before too — used my “not having enough money” as an excuse to not go bigger, but thankfully I put those beliefs to bed using various colour diagnostic and healing tools and so by then I knew better. Here’s how it can play out in our heads: “I really, really want [insert what you want] but I don’t have the money for it.” Okay, stop a second. When did money start to be the boogie man holding you prisoner? Here’s where we go down the proverbial rabbit hole. The first thing we usually blame in our lives is money. But that’s just the surface manifestation of much deeper patterns and blocks. The thing is 90% of us COULD create the money if we decided right there and then and put our mind, heart, body and soul into it. But we’re choosing not to. And we have lots of reasons why we’re choosing not to. Most of those reasons look like real good reasons. You’ve spent most of your life justifying them after all! In fact, they’ve helped you explain to yourself day-after-day why you don’t have the money you want to have. Money itself can become a nice little thing to blame, as well as all the things that restrict you from changing your relationship to it. What do I mean? How about reasons like:
  • I can’t get a better job because I don’t even know what I want.
  • It would be difficult at this stage of my life to find another career. I can’t retrain and what if I do retrain and find out I don’t like that either or worse can’t even get a job doing it?
  • Even though I hate my job its better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.  I’ll wait until I get a clear sign.
  • I have too much debt to get ahead.
  • I’ve never been an entrepreneur and don’t have any money anyway to start a business.
  • I am too tired and I have too many health problems to do anything aside from getting through each day.  When things improve, I will do something different.
  • Money is the root of all evil. 
  • [Insert YOUR limitation with money here.]
And these are just a few really good reasons we’ve set up in our thinking to explain why we have less cash than we want. And these reasons feel very, very true, because you’ve been upholding them and believing them and allowing them to be the reason behind your current position for … how many years now? If you want to stop letting lack of money hold you prisoner, you have to start unraveling all of these reasons, excuses… You can start to recognize that this is the life YOU created, and you got here because of your current thinking. Money itself did not do this to you. The problem isn’t money — it’s your thinking. So what happens if you change your thinking, and think VERY differently for a moment? Whatever you’re defending as your reason for lack of money, I want you to stop defending it right now. Because your CURRENT excuses have brought you where you are. And if you STAY in your current way of thinking, this is where you’ll be tomorrow and the day after that. The exact length of time you’ve been financially stuck represents the amount of time you’ve stayed in your old thinking.  How long is that for you now? It is this Lack-thinking which goes something like this: “I can make enough money, but there always seems to be an unexpected bill to pay such as the car fails its MOT, or the washing machine packs in and I never seem to have enough.  It’s one thing after another, there’s always something.” (Core lack thought: “I am not worthy of keeping this money because I will be seen as greedy.”) “I am doing all the right things in my business, but I never have enough clients.  I’m always barely getting by. Honestly I am beginning to question am I really cut out for this.  When I look around at my peers I am starting to get a bit envious as their practices thrive and mine isn’t after all this time. Why am I not being rewarded for my work the way they are?” (Core lack thought: “I’m not good enough. Other people are luckier, smarter, etc.”)  “If you want the truth, I’m afraid to try something again. I’ve had so many defeats that I don’t want to try. How do I know if this is what I need when I have been so disappointed each time I join a course I had great hopes but there is always something missing.” (Core lack thought: “Why would I succeed now when I’ve always failed before? I anticipate failure again.”) Do you see how every one of these statements has a valid excuse (or reason why you’re broke and will stay broke) built-in? That is what we want to change. It can take up to 6 months or more to change these beliefs, excuses and justifications, and to root out all your lack thinking. But wouldn’t you rather get through it and be done with it? Even it if it took 6 months to a year? I would. And I do. And I did back in 2008. I created a whole program to help you do this: The Academy of Colour Coaching and Healing. And it’s enrolling now. (You can talk to me about it by setting up a time here.) It doesn’t matter if you have €400 or €20,000 in your account. There is going to be a level that stops you. A ceiling you reach where you stop yourself and begin to give excuses why. This is your Upper Limit playing in the background. You found the point at which your growth has halted. Everything above that point represents things you want and can’t have. Whenever I reach a ceiling where I tell myself  “ I can’t have something” for whatever reason, I know it’s time to shed  some light to breakthrough to the next level, just like getting in to a lift where you press the button, the higher you go the greater view and the more you see. So it just needs to be showered with a colour to change the energy and the cellular memory and then a new mindset can emerge just like a new bud or leaf on a tree.  You won’t see anything in the room if you don’t turn on the light, and the same goes for your life. YOU can manifest anything you want. YOU can become anything you want. Don’t let money stop you. YOU are a limitless abundant colourful, vibrant soul. Believe in YOU. You know by now the power of colour and how it could help you. If I said anything in this email that really hit home with you, that is proof that you are at a tipping point, and are ready to go big and get through this.  And I would love to support you in that endeavor. So set up a time and we can talk about The Academy of Colour Coaching and Healing and the tools I have for you. Come join me…  I will teach you, show you all there is to know about the many ways to use colour personally, with your family, in your business and then I encourage you to make it your own. I have added a few extra times to my calendar over the next two weeks. Take advantage! YES I want to schedule a time to talk to you! Love, Marcia x