Light at the end of the tunnelI don’t know about you but since January there seems to be a big huge shift where everyone’s demons, shadows and icky stuff is coming to the surface, mine included. It seems to be one thing after another, sickness, technology playing up, uneasiness, and generally not getting our own way. Whatever is pressurising you, annoying you, frustrating you, or taking you down, just know that on the other side of what you are experiencing, there is light. You just have to find a way to shed some light on the bigger meaning and message and you will fly. I’ll tell you, birthing my holistic colour coaching and healing certificate program I’ve had to overcome many issues. Frustration was a biggy, I just wanted to put it out there but each time there was a block. Or my kids, who seemed to be falling sick just as I was about to launch and so another delay was inflicted. And don’t get me started on the technology, that last mercury retrograde had me tearing my hair out. And then there are things that are even deeper and more personal…where I was reminded I had to work through this and uncover what was needing my attention. What was needing healing, what was my soul urging me to do, and I was resisting. So these blocks got me to go even deeper into my energy, and when I connected in, I was given a golden white colour and as I know the psychology and language of colour, bingo I knew it was being more visibile. I used this colour and this message to literally rise to a whole new level. And then like a flash, I could feel my whole energy change, I could see my skin even had a glow to it, and it was all solved and the colour course was released like a rocket and it felt epic! An issue or block, in Colour and energy terms, is simply an area of energy that isn’t being resolved or created, the way it needs to be. You feel conflict, frustration, yearning, anger and so its a great signal of the light underneath that wants to emerge. My point is, nothing in your life right now has to stay the way it is. If you don’t like it, there are tools to change it. Colour Therapy is the perfect mix, because if I took away your physical body you would be seen in colour. And as everyting originates from energy then it has to be seen from an energy point of view before it can be healed. You were born out of light and your light never goes away, it may get dimmed but it never goes out. This is why colours knowledge in mystic, scientific, practical and psychological terms is a masterful way to address anything you’ve got going on. I am planning on running a free online workshop to demonstrate how colour can help you in this. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days. And if you want to explore being coached, healed and taught about the wisdom and power of colour then feel free to set a time for us to chat. Click here. This is what one lady has to say about her experience on one of these calls. April DSC_4605 “Marcia you truly fought for my true passion and purpose in our session. You have an amazing gift, you saw the true me, even when I could not. I loved your energy and passion in the session, it was really uplifting. You really got me motivated and believing in my passion. I got so much value from working with you. Thank you.” April O’Reilly BSc Hons