I am thrilled to be coming in to share with you June’s colour frequency and message.

The colour accompanying us this month is GOLD. It means that anything and everything is possible. We are being called to step into our Divine Feminine Power right now

Gold is the highest frequency, it is linked to money, wealth, abundance, spirituality.

It is about Living about your Divine Feminine Power, you are worthy of amazing things and this month we are being called this month to let yourself allow, know and experience what it means to live from that wealthy place.  This is living from your higher self.

Ask each day intend to live from your Higher Self.  Ask yourself in each moment, what would


The Divine Feminine Energy is Divine Feminine Power.  It is the Divine Feminine Creative Force this month.

Become intentional with what you want to create.  Get into alignment with that desire now and it will be so. Mary Magdalene is very present with us this month.

In this months video a Mary Magdalene activation healing to help you harness the power of this golden month is gifted to you in this video. So live believing and knowing that you are golden!

Wishing you a Gold filled Joyful June!