Joyous orange energy – Enthusiasm, fun, joy, health, creativity, despondent, proud.
IMG_Orange ScarfIgniting Your Spark After introducing you to Red, let’s explore the next ray in the spectrum, orange. Orange energy brings joy and creativity. This ray helps you get in touch with feelings and emotions, while igniting that creative spark inherent in I all. This colour helps you bring up, accept and let go of any hurts that no longer serve you and may be holding you back from expressing your true creative self. There is an awakening energy with this ray that sparks your creativity, sprinkles you with feelings of joy and positivity while igniting your inner potential. This colour can help you work on increasing your confidence and urges you to communicate your inner feelings. A Zest for New Life A warm, glowing and uplifting energy emanates from this ray. You are enabled to connect with your creative feminine energy so it will come as no surprise to learn that the orange ray is associated with our reproductive organs referred to as the sacral chakra, Svadisthana. Monks wear robes in this colour. Orange possesses a spiritual element amongst the physical energetic spectrum it sits upon. Think about all the miracle babies being conceived each day from this area of our bodies. In this respect I see this colour as being able to bring out the Goddess within. I know each time I am pregnant I feel like a Goddess and there is such a poignant connectedness to all that is. Pause A Moment This colour is telling you to pause, so you can feel, assess and connect to your feelings before you take action. Feelings can be a great guide. So take the time to get to know and connect with yours. In pausing me can enjoy the present moment. Pay heed to the signals. Each day take time to ‘pause’ as me drive and stop at the traffic lights. me are given an advance sign when the orange light shows. me know that soon it will change to green signalling I to go. So next time you need to make a decision just take advantage of that ‘pause’ moment to ask ‘how does that make me feel?’ If you are feeling a little down, or lacking in confidence embrace this colour and feel it’s energy fill you with health and vitality. Your spirits will be lifted and your emotions addressed so you can become liberated and happy. You can do this by visualizing the colour orange, wearing a garment in the shade or by carrying an orange crystal stone. Orange is linked to relations and relationships, so if you are drawn to it check in to see if this area could be improved upon. It’s telling you to tend to and heal your emotions. DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY is the message that stands out for this colour. Colour statements with orange energy I have tested the statements with and without colour, both personally and with my students, and I have found the resonance of coupling the words with the colour adds greater power as they are integrated on a deeper level in our subconscious mind. Focus on the words and the energy of orange as you repeat these colour statements. Feel free to create your own. • With orange I embrace life fully. • Every cell in my body vibrates health and energy. • The orange ray fills me with joy and confidence in all that I do. • Uplifting orange inspires and encourages me to take action today so I can realise my dreams. • Orange ignites my creative, feminine inner beauty. • Today orange allows me to create, create, create. • I feel so happy and content as I am filled with the orange ray.