IMG_0883dSince announcing the launch of the first ever Integrated Colour Therapy course, I have had a deluge of enquiries from people wanting to know more. Let me start off by telling you how this course came about. Back in 2005, I was living in London, working long hours and searching for something more, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I had also been suffering from severe stomach problems which baffled the medical field and resulted in me being told I would just have to learn to live with my condition. I began to look at the alternatives when low and behold I fell upon colour therapy. The variety of subjects and combination of the psychology and meaning behind colour choices and their interpretations intrigued me. Coupled with the scientific and esoteric background I became curious enough to embark on a colour certificate course. This rapidly led to immense transformational change and healing but in a very gentle and empowering way. Within five months of taking the course I changed jobs, bought a car, bought my dream flat and felt sooo good. Nothing seemed to phase me. I was on a roll and this has continued right up to today. I was so blown over I decided to train as a colour therapist and take this knowledge to Ireland, the country of my birth, which led me on another fabulous journey meeting wonderful people. Each one of the students still holds a place in my heart. Next I decided to take the plunge and move to a Francophone country, a dream I had since I was a child. And so I arrived in Brussels, where I started introducing the healing and transformational power of colour through workshops and one on to one consultations, and where my life and me continued to soar despite the challenges life threw at me. And it was here in Brussels that I was inspired and guided to create the course Integrated Colour Therapy. This course is made up of all the gems, tools and secrets behind colour, based on my personal experience and those of my loyal colour followers and clients. Numerous times I had thought to launch this course but it never seemed quite ready and it is only now that I have been given the green light by the Universe. The course is packed with information for you to take on board and apply in practical ways. You will touch and experience every aspect of colour on a physical, emotional, mental, metabolic and spiritual level. You will learn about the endocrine system and the influence colour has on it, and in turn on our hormones, feelings and emotions. You will get to see and use colour as a tool to reveal what is at your core. You will use colour to heal, shift and reform what is no longer needed and see from this colour space how to nourish and heal every part of your being. A client said to me yesterday that after our sessions together its like she is renewed each time and she gets more and more aligned to who she truly is and her soul purpose. Colour will be felt and experienced. If you wish you can go on to use these tools, techniques, secrets and knowledge for your own personal health and well-being, for your friends and family or for your own coaching or healing practice. Colour is a time saver as it quickly shows you the way. Recently I had a client who had attended five consultations with a psychotherapist before she came to me and within 20 minutes of our first session me got to the source of the issue. This is why I am so passionate about colour and have such a strong desire to share this old and wise way of being. I have found you can do all the talking and coaching you want and this can be effective but for lasting results you need to go to the source of the issues coming up, and this is why colour is so good, it not only reveals the source cause, but it heals, and transforms so you don’t need to experience it again. As me radiate light energy and as colour is light, it is like putting a plug into a socket to bring your electric appliance to life, colour brings the essence, core of you to life. In addition to using colour for your health and wellbeing and for creating an understanding of your true talents and why you are the way you are, you can use colour’s influence in every part of your life. In choosing colours for your home you decide room by room the feeling you want to evoke for you and your family. For work or your business choose the right colours and shades to give a sense of you and incorporate these into your website and logo. Wear blue to help boost that presentation and get your message across. Increase your confidence by wearing shades of red and orange tones. Magenta and pinks are the colours to use if an integral part of your role is projecting your caring side. This colour course can benefit you if you:
  • are in career or life transition and are looking for something different, inspiring that can enahnce you and your life, and can help open doors for you.
  • are a coach, therapist, psychologist, EFT practitioner, kiniesiologist and would like to enhance your skillset and differentiate yourself in the market place.
  • love colour and are curious about how to use it to influence you, your life and others.
  • are a parent whose kids are back in school and you want to do something for you and have the option to work in the holistic caring field and make a difference in peoples lives.
  • are looking for transformational change and want to get results quickly and easily.
  • are time limited and want to take an intensive life transforming course.
  • If any of this excites you or calls you to take action, get in touch with me and me can chat some more and take it from there. Take The Integrated Colour Therapy course to open up a whole new world and experience the magic of life.