Indigo energy – Intuitive, inspired, teacher, obsessive, fearful.
Graphic-Indigo1 Indigo, a colour with great depth, is said to be the colour of the night sky. The saying “still waters run deep” applies to indigo. This colour is not to be underestimated. Its intense intuitive abilities are so powerful that me caution those prone to depression to use it sparingly. A colour for artists, those deep, creative souls who make a huge impact in the world but can have a troubled soul requiring tender, loving care if they have the courage to let you in, to switch on their light inside of them. Intuitive indigo It is the colour that will help give you structure if it’s needed in your life. It’s the window to your intuition, a great guide for I all. I am sure at some stage in your life your intuition told you to do something or maybe not to do something but you went against it and paid the price later. So indigo is not to be ignored but to be recognized for its brilliance, depth and mystic powers to heal, empower and give insights. It can lead our soul to where it needs to be as me journey on the earth plane. A useful exercise to increase your intuition is to work with indigo, visualising this colour entering your third eye chakra located in your forehead between your eyebrows. This is the seat of your intuition and can guide and inspire you on your soul’s purpose. Breathe this colour into your third eye and visualize this center opening at a level that is appropriate for you at this time. As you breathe concentrate on your third eye. You will most likely feel pulsating there. It can send you to sleep This ray has a great ability to purify the mind as well as the body, helping you release fears and calm the mind. In my colour course me use a very effective exercise with indigo and the complementary colour orange to release fears. Students are amazed at how their fears are swept away like your hair sweeps off your face on a windy day. The Indigo ray also influences the eyes, ears and nose as well as the pituitary gland. This colour has the capacity to stimulate the memory, relieve physical pain and induce relaxation and sleep. If you have sleep issues I recommend you visualize this colour, breathing it into your mind until you feel yourself filled up from head to toe. Start off doing this for 2 minutes and increase to 5 minutes before you are sent off to a nice slumber. ;0) It’s a colour with a cooling, calming effect which has the ability to bring relief to eczema, bruising, boils, ulcers, chicken pox and shingles. It is also a good aid for meditation. Indigo has a calming and sedative effect on the body, helping with insomnia, night sweats, hot flushes and rashes. Being drawn to this colour can indicate a need to look at and understand some issues occupying your mind. You may be feeling lonely or depressed just now. Or have you been suffering headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety? Your circulation could be a little sluggish and in need of a kick start. Focus on your diet and exercise more. Indigo infusion It’s important to breathe correctly, as the breath is the ultimate link to life itself. me are born into this world through the breath as our mother breathed I out of her body with the final pushing motion, which I consider to be nothing short of miraculous. A sign here to not underestimate the mystic power of indigo. This colour helps you see and feel beyond the veil. A colour present for the Halloween energy. Colour statements with indigo energy I have tested the statements with and without colour both personally and with my students and I have found the resonance of coupling the words with the colour adds greater power as they are integrated on a deeper level in our subconscious mind. Focus on the words and the energy of indigo as you repeat these colour statements. Feel free to create your own. • With indigo all is perfect, whole and complete • As I breathe in indigo I expand my intuitive abilities • I am filled with indigo light and realigned to my soul purpose • Indigo envelopes me, clearing all pain and hurts that no longer serve me.