Photo by the Rainbow Road

I have found of late that I am working a lot with clients on increasing self-worth and personal power. With all the energetic transformations taking place especially so after this week’s full moon, I thought it appropriate to share with you, how you can use colour to strengthen your solar plexus which is your power center and is linked to self worth and personal power.   If this center is strong, then you will have the strength to deal with what life has to throw at you and you will feel worthy for all your dreams and desires to be manifested. If you feel worthy of these then the Universe can deliver them to you!     Yellow is the colour associated with self worth and personal power. So I am going to share with you a technique that will help you keep this center strong, which will increase your self worth and your personal power and help you feel your most resourceful and be your most powerful self.   Imagine a yellow flame just below your rib cage and feel the heat and power of this ray inside you. Know that this yellow flame will first eradicate any thoughts, and beliefs that do not match your true worth and worthiness. As you sit with this flame inside you, you see the flame transforming into a beautiful yellow flower, this flower begins to open and inside is your true self-worth and personal power.   Place your hand on your solar plexus (under your rib cage) and feel the energy of this flower, as you do, think of a time when you felt your most powerful, joyful and strong. Really connect with this feeling and your flower and know that this is being anchored into your true essence.   Now feel all your desires being realised as you are worthy enough to receive them. Enjoy and be in this process for as long as is needed. And when you are ready visualise the figure 8 being drawn to seal this in. Now just allow the benefits of this to manifest in your daily life:o) YOU’VE GOT THE POWER!