In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take. Years ago, I was living in London getting up at 6am Monday to Friday to take the train and tube to work in Tower hill and returning home at 7pm. I suffered severe stomach problems where the medical field said there was nothing showing up and so labelled it IBS (irritable bowels syndrome) and I just had to live with it. On top of that I yearned to meet a decent compatible spiritual guy, settle down, have kids and follow my passion. Even though I didn’t know what that passion was I knew there was more than I was experiencing. One evening having come home late I thought something has got to change otherwise 10 years down the line and I will be in the same boat and filled with regret. Around that time my friend from Ireland had sent me a letter asking for information on various therapies she was considering training in. So when the information came in I read it and the one on colour therapy got me curious.  I loved that it had a spiritual aspect, it was scientific, practical and I loved colour. So I picked up the phone and asked if I could have a session to try it and she told me it wasn’t possible, but she was offering a certificate course of 6 months if I was interested. She told me about her book and so I asked her to send me the book. When the book arrived inside was written ‘Follow your heart’. As I read the book I loved it.  I loved the soul colour numerology, and stories of how colour changed the lives of many.  It was so fascinating. So this is what went on in my head as I contemplated what to do. “Will I really have the time to give to the course with my busy life.” “I’ll wait for a sign, but what if I don’t recognize the sign.” “I have tried other things and they were all short lived.” “It’s a lot of money, how can I afford it, maybe I will wait another year. “What if it isn’t for me.” “I don’ know anyone on the course and I have to drive to Surrey each month and stay there” “I’m not ready, I will do another bit of exploring and then I will decide.” “Sure what’s the rush.” “It sounds interesting all the same”. “Life is too short.” “I rarely do something for me, always thinking of others.  It’s time to put myself on the receiving end for a change.” “There is nothing sure in life, and if this has presented itself then there must be a bigger picture, that I can’t see right now.” So just like a loyal friend who never gives up on you, the Universe never gave up on me and despite all these doubts, the course kept coming into my mind, and in the end I took a chance on me, and I invested in myself and booked on the course despite the fear that screamed at me as I said yes.  I am going to do this. I suppose looking back I had reached a certain point in my life where I was tired of dreaming and wanted my desires to be real, and I knew what I was doing wasn’t working and I just needed to do something different. Did I feel ready as I headed off on my first weekend?  NO absolutely not! But I made a decision I was going for this and if nothing else I would have a certificate at the end of it that might serve me one day.  I decided it’s now or never and let’s face it, I wasn’t getting any younger.   And what if I’d regret it and let fear hold me back from doing something I this course, and it will be nice to be surrounded by people who are curious about self-development and spiritual stuff too. Well was I soooo happy I said YES. 6 weeks into the course my stomach issues miraculously disappeared, within 5 months I had changed jobs, bought my dream car, a silver Volkswagen golf, and bought a flat, that I had spent 14 years talking about. I learn’t so much about myself, I felt different inside, and I fell in love with myself. I joked “I love me who do you love”. People at work were saying to me “you look different, what’s different about you?” I was just blown away at all the changes in me and my life and so quickly. I wanted to share this with you because registration for The Holistic Colour Coaching and Healing Certficate closes in 1 week! If you’ve been saying to yourself, “I really want to take this next step, but are telling yourself similar things then I strongly encourage you to join us. Because I can promise you this… You’ll never feel ready to make the impact you were put on this earth to make. You must find the courage and do whatever your heart is telling you to do, now. Whether that means The Academy or some other brave move — like Nike says DARE TO JUST DO IT! Let yourself have 1 – 2 hours a week to nourish you, your body, mind, soul, spirit. As the saying goes, “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” This year specifically is the end of a cycle, it’s a year made to align you more with your souls calling and connecting in with your infinite power.  If you would like to explore if this golden opportunity is just what you are wishing for, lets talk. Click here to schedule your free 30 minute chat, so we can uncover what your golden nugget is.