Fountain display in Philadelphia

Well last week I talked about how pink can help dispel any anger you are holding onto. But what do you do if you are on the receiving end of someone else’s anger?   Here you use pink again, this time as the person is expressing their anger your way, simply visualise them being showered in PINK LIGHT. When I do this, it makes me smile inside as they are being showered in pink and they don’t realise it. Wait to see before your very eyes the anger being drained away. The gentle pink ray is like pouring water on a fire to cool it down, and as pink represents love, it is done a soft, loving, and gentle way.     You can also do this if you have an angry teenager who just won’t open up and express why there is so much anger or agitation radiating from them. Just keep showering them in pink light and over time you will see a shift from being an angry closed up teenager to an expressive, calm, teenager, as they surrender and gently open up and tell you what’s truly going on inside of them. And all you need to do is listen, be supportive and loving towards them. Maybe you will want to wrap both of you in a loving bubble.   I know of a lady some years ago that did this, her son was extremely angry and she found him very difficult to live with. She started showering him in pink and one day without warning he sat down and opened up totally and from then on became a very different teenager. :o)   So give it a try the next time meet an angry or frustrated person, and enjoy transforming the life of others and yours to one of loving kindness. Know while you do this, you are also contributing to filling our world with pink which radiates out and before me know it, me will be living in a harmonious loving world. Sending you a loving pink shower your way this week.