Marcia Pink Kitchen

Pink Kitchen

This week, I want to write about another effective way of incorporating colour into your life. How about considering the colours you choose for your home. Our homes are sacred places where me spend a lot of time with the people me love, so it’s important me make conscious choices about colour. If you feel in need of a change in your life, it could be the right time to change the colour of your home,although it can be as simple as changing the colour of a room you spend a lot of time in. me have officially arrived in Spring’s energy. A time for renewal, revival and new beginnings. Why not make the most of it and transform your space, transforming you and your life at the same time! Start with a room where you spend a lot of time. Ask how you want to feel when you are in this room. What you want from it? Then choose the colour that creates that feeling or vibration. By choosing a colour that matches the feeling you are looking for, you will allow that colour to continuously influence your senses. me are very much influenced by the psychological affects of colour which is why colour has the capacity to assist I in quickly manifesting our desires. For example, I spend a lot of my time in my kitchen because I love to cook, bake and entertain. I love pink and I also see the kitchen as a creative space for me. It’s where I spend time with people I love dearly and pink just felt so right for me. Pink creates a sense of well-being, harmony and acceptance of oneself and others. The photograph is of my kitchen, this space I love to be. Each morning I walk in, I love seeing that pink wall. I chose one feature wall in pink and then used a soft cream for the other three walls. Pink in a bedroom is also a good choice because it creates a gentle and nurturing atmosphere. In the bedroom of an infant or young child it is calming, relaxing and full of affection. It has a beneficial effect on your sleep and dreams. Turquoise and green go well with pink, so if you feel drawn to use those colours, consider using pink accessories like curtains, bed linen or upholstery. I also chose blue and turquoise for my hallway. I wanted people to have a sense of peace and expansiveness as they walked in. I run my workshops and colour consultations on the ground floor of our house. As this is very much a business space, I wanted the green energy of money and so I chose turquoise, understanding that it is a colour made up of blue and green. So I still achieved my wish of giving that sense of peace when people walked into our home. Red is also a good colour for hallways, reception areas and for use in north facing cool rooms. Red suggests comfort, warmth and aliveness. You could also consider using a red mat in your hall entrance. It acts both as a good grounding colour and a cheerful welcome for your visitors and yourself as you arrive in the house. Red also works well in kitchens. Orange encourages I to be social and fills a space with joy and vitality. It’s a good colour to use in dining rooms or where people meet. It stimulates the appetite for life and food! Be careful in which shade of orange you use as, with any of the strong vibrant colours, pure orange is a powerful stimulator. Choose your tones wisely. See below a photo from Standing Renovation where you can see the positive impact they made in this office space by the right colour tone.

Work by Francesca Puccio - Office Renovation Orange & Green

Green sits in the middle of the spectrum but can look dark and dull on its own and so if you are drawn to paint your space green, use energetic, coloured upholstery and paintings. This is a lovely colour to have in a hallway and a great colour for treatment rooms, therapist’s rooms or hospitals. There is something both healing and supporting found in the colour green. Yellow is the brightest of all the colours due to it being the colour closest to the sun. It is a great colour to use in an office because it is uplifting and it stimulates new ideas. Simply put, it is a welcoming and warming colour. Blue is considered a very restful colour. It is unintrusive and calming. This makes it an ideal colour for rooms where you want to create a feeling of calm and relaxation. It is also a good colour to use in children’s bedrooms, as it encourages restful sleep. Dentists and doctors could use it in waiting rooms to create a sense of calm for patients. It is also a good colour for treatment rooms. In bathrooms it is used to represent the sea, and sky however be aware that blue is a cold colour. Consider warming up any space you use it in by using its complementary colour orange. Indigo is a deep blue and requires plenty of natural light simply because it is such an intense, powerful colour. You could also consider painting just one wall indigo. It is a good colour to use in bedrooms as it also induces a restful night of sleep. When this colour is used in conjunction with its complementary colour yellow it also works very well in a room. Beautiful on doors and skirting boards, in curtains and soft furnishings, crockery and glass. Violet/purple is a colour promoting self-respect, comfort, strength, richness and royalty. This is a good colour to choose in times of change, making it a good choice for teenagers and the rooms of childen.Make sure there is good natural light in the room when using this colour. A good colour for treatment and waiting rooms but I would recommend utilising the softer lilac shades in the violet ray. When you are selecting the right colours for your environment, be it home or at work, it is also important that you consider your space and how it works or doesn’t work for you. If you are considering more than a colour change, I would highly recommend you contacting a fabulously talented home and office renovator, Francesca Puccio, at StandingRenovation. You can view her portfolio over at Francesca sees potential that stuns me. She also has a real talent for creating joyful living spaces that will enhance the impact of your colour choices. See below a couple of before and after effects of the work of Francesca Puccio at StandingRenovation. You can clearly see how she transformed the space with her innate expertise and her use of colour in the two pictures below! By transforming the use of your space and incorporating the right colours for your interiors, you and your family will feel a sense of renewal and vibrancy that can joy-filled. This week, why not think about how you want your life to be and how this can be manifested in your home.