Photo – Guillaume Delezer

As a client of mine wrote to me requesting I write a blog on colour and pregnancy a while ago, I felt it appropriate to cover that very topic this week while I enter my 33rd week of pregnancy with my second child. The number three represents the trinity and I was 33years old when I met my life long love soul mate, so it is a significant number for me.:o) As this is my second pregnancy, I would say I am a bit experienced and more sure of the benefits of working with colour during pregnancy, both for myself and my baby. During my first pregnancy, I visualised daily, breathing and filling my system with nourishing and nurturing gold, which wrapped my baby in this colour, each time I did this, the baby kicked and moved. Doing this before sleeping, ensured a restful and peaceful night’s sleep. People have always commented on how happy Killian is, even when he was a baby, and I feel working with colour during my pregnancy has contributed to that. As I visualised Killian being wrapped in gold in my womb, I also visualised, my muscles being relaxed and soft and worked on the delivery process being a gentle and soft experience. And now and again when I felt the need, I sent him the loving pink ray.:o)

Killian with Papa

  Did you know that as babies me first experience colour in the womb where me are enveloped in a nurturing and comforting pink. Pregnant Mum’s aura also radiates pink during pregnancy. Colour has a huge impact on you and your baby, so daily colour meditation exercises will not only energetically nourish you but also your baby. You will also feel so much better, and you will feel your baby’s reaction to the colours you work with.       I also work with a colour tonic meditation, which involves all the coloured rays as this balances your chakras and also the baby’s little chakras. This meditation will also help relieve any anxiety you may have during pregnancy or as the birth approaches. I created this free colour meditation download on my website; you can avail of if you wish. And you can also use this even if you aren’t pregnant, as it helps release any stress and anxiety and keeps your energy balanced, and this filters into your physical life.   Baby’s see a lovely peach hue in the womb, so colour really does impact and influence I from conception. So as a Mum you can influence your baby in a positive, nurturing and fulfilling way by becoming more colour aware.   With this pregnancy, in addition I place my hands on my bump and I ask ‘what colour do you need or want today?’, then I imagine my hands filling with this colour as they are placed on my bump, and when I intuitively sense the baby has enough, I send gold to my womb so my baby is wrapped in the golden ray of protection, and allow this to expand throughout my body. I feel such a strong connection to my heart as I do this process.   I know my baby is receiving and benefiting from this, and already I have had comments on how strong the baby is and how vibrant his heart beat beats. Gold is one of the highest vibrations, so it means you and your baby are aligned to a very high frequency. I feel I women become true Goddesses during pregnancy so hence a reason that gold works well as it’s a very spiritual and powerful ray to work with. After all me are being used to create a human being and bring him/her into the world. How amazing is that?   You can also become more consciously aware of the colours you are wearing, as your body takes in the colour through the skin and this is influencing you and your baby. In both pregnancies’ yellow is a colour that really speaks to me and I just love wearing and seeing this colour, in fact I feel I could drink it. :o)   How I work with this colour is I eat these coloured fruits and veg, and wear as much of this colour as possible, buy flowers in this colour and I also add pink to the my yellow flower bouquet. As I am now going through a tired phase and my iron levels are low, I am mixing/alternating with red as well as yellow. No later than this morning as I put my red top on, I felt an instant energy boost. Red is great to combat anemia.   You can also wear a colour you are drawn to and bring in its complementary colour which can help invigorate or calm Mums experiencing the roller coaster emotions associated with pregnancy. Orange is linked to emotions and so using this colour can help you and also bring in its complementary colour indigo. Blue is also a good colour to calm the emotions. This is why you will find doctors and dentists tend to have blue in their waiting rooms!   You can also work with colour during the delivery process, I recommend you visualise and breathe in gold and pink entwined and as you are filled with these two colours you start breathing out these rays into your birthing room, so your baby enters the world in the gold protective high vibrational ray, and the loving pink ray. It’s also a great distraction for you to add the colour as it keeps you focused on your breathing and helps with the contractions/waves you experience during the birthing process.   As you do this, visualise your muscles and your uterus relaxing and opening in a gentle, soft and powerful way. This really worked very well for me during my delivery. I also felt I went to another realm where I connected with the biggest part of me, a truly life changing experience, where I connected with the endless potential me all have.   So if you are pregnant, or planning on being pregnant, give colour a try, see for yourself how your baby responds to the colours you send to him/her and how colour makes you feel. After all, a happy relaxed, colourful Mum means a happy, relaxed and colourful baby.