Did you choose a colour last week? Did you feel the effects of your colour choice in your daily life? Were you aware of it nourishing your soul as you worked through the colour meditation? And did you become more consicous of your colour choices? Small things, like realising that the flowers you bought on impulse actually matched your colour of choice? Leave a comment at the end of this post to let me know how your week was influenced by your colour choice. This week I want to share another way of incorporating colour into your life via the clothes you wear. Our bodies are capable of absorbing the colours me dress ourselves in . This not only influences how you feel but, unconsciously, others pick up on how you are feeling too. This means that when you know and understand the power of colour you can influence how others relate to you via the colours you choose. It is important to know that while you are engaged in something as simple as talking and interacting with people, the colours you wear are also communicating things about you at the very deepest levels.   The language & psychology of colour also reveals which aspects of your life need more focus and attention.
 Unconsciously, you already know how colour influences you. Think about those days when you choose an item of clothing that just doesn’t feel right. So you choose something more comfortable, more ‘you’ and go out into your day. You need to understand that there are no accidents, and that if you feel drawn to wear a particular colour, then go check the colour meaning page to find the psychological, emotional and spiritual message related to that colour. Another way of deciding which colour to wear on any given day, is to choose a colour based on the day ahead of you. A business meeting or a daytrip with friends. This choice can be very imporantant because, without realising it, your subconscious responds to your colour choice. You can really use this power and knowledge to influence your life positively every day. For example, if you have a meeting with an angry or disgruntled boss, colleague or client, choose pink. Pink will dissipate their anger and reduce their aggression towards you. As you are sitting in front of them they will be taking in your colour choice unconsciously. In this way, you bring a more positive tone and gentler presence to the meeting. Pink softens people, making people less aggressive. If you have a seminar or presentation where you want to get your message across, wear blue. Blue is the colour linked to communication, self-expression and trustworthiness. You will find your message is more inclined to be well received if you choose this colour. If you want to stand out and get attention. Wear red. Or if you are involved in sparking creativity in your team, then any shade of orange would be a choice. As you bring conscious colour choices into your life, take note of the responses you get as you use these different colours in your everyday life. By becoming conscious of the colours you choose, you not only gain insight into yourself, and how you have previously made unconscious use of colour, but you begin to pro-actively create the kind of life and outcomes you want. Colour is a universal language; a language that so many are unaware of even though most of I use it every day! When me understand the power of colour and acknowledge that it as a wonderful tool, me are able to positively change, not just our thoughts and feelings, me also change the quality and direction of our lives. All colours have amazing power. Powers that can support I in all aspects of our lives once me understand their meanings. This is why I run my workshops because I want people to discover and experience the true power of colour. me are living in exciting times; times that require me adapt quickly to the life changes constantly happening around us. Colour can support you through these transitions and guide you when you learn to trust your intuition. For me, colour has become a conscious part of my daily life and, as a result, my days are filled with magic. I really get to feel the excitement and wonder of life. I’d love to share that with you. Come join me, and learn how to live your best life. Colourfully, Marcia.