Happy Endings2As we are coming to the end of 2015 I wanted to bring you back to the blog I posted at the start of this year where I shared what colour vibration this year was, and how it would be magenta would be your colour companion and what that would mean. In short I had said 2015 was a year of great change whether it be that you make big changes like giving up a job or a relationship that has done its time, or change country, home or office; or make a simple one where you start doing things differently. You can revisit that post by clicking here. Interestingly enough the amount of people who are experiencing burn out or have been forced to pause or stop has been phenomenal this year.  This should have come as no surprise as the other side of magenta’s message is that of nurturing and nourishing ourselves.  So of course 2015 was going to encompass the importance of nurturing and looking after you too. If you haven’t embraced the changes that this year is here to bring I urge you to do so now. Stop procrastinating; see your current circumstances as being the nudge for you to change in some shape or form. Maybe you need to put yourself first, put yourself out there or to be on the receiving end for a change. I am telling you this again, at the final round of this year, because if you embrace the changes now then 2016 will promise you a greater year. Why? Because it’s going to be a golden one.☺ Gold is all about completion, wisdom, riches and tapping in to your innate power. If you have put in the time to work on yourself and you have taken those big leaps that you had convinced yourself not to take for too long, then changing this once and for all will set you up for great things in 2016. It is the year that promises great rewards and great riches. Riches in monetary terms but in so many other ways. When I have been in mentoring groups there has been talk of setting goals for 250K revenues, making a million, getting to Necker Island and it never really excited me. To me riches is more than money. Having a rich life is to be able to spend time with my young kids, watching them take their first step, dance, climb on boxes they shouldn’t and generally mischief make. It’s priceless to be there for them as they come home from school or nurse them when they are ill, to create memories, and simply share the love. While I can still make time to work on my business three or four days a week as that is another love of my life and makes me feel so rich – touching the lives I touch and creating long term connections and friendships. Riches to me is being able to share my life with my husband who is my soul mate, having great family and friends who may not be next door but I know if I call upon them they will be outside my door with 24 hours. Sure, I also enjoy having enough money to enjoy the finer things in life, to sample nice restaurants on occasion as my husband and I are foodies and we just relish in the experience of a good restaurant. The big change I have implemented this year is that I have stopped trying and instead practiced allowing. I have never felt more connected. As a Mum Solopreneur I was in the trap of pushing the early part of 2015 and this has changed completely. I am very much aware of my energy, the different energies of the day and what tasks to do around this. I already knew that each day has a colour vibration to it and by harnessing its energy it can create so much more to my day but I wasn’t using it. I now share this knowledge in the Colour Client Attraction Academy so that the members can work less and have more, and give themselves and their business the chance to work for them rather than against them. This has meant more clients but more importantly they are feeling more centered with a sense of inner peace. I have found also that in the process I am serving more people in a bigger way and people are in turn drawn to work with me. The changes I have implemented have enriched my life and I know my clients are feeling this richness as they work with me too. They also benefit.   So I have set myself up for a golden year. 😉 Now what about you? Take a little time out of your busy schedule to just reflect on what this past year has given you, what changes you have accomplished, and where to go next. Trust me, it will serve you greatly. Being human we have a tendency to resist change and come up with all the excuses in the world not to do something. Acknowledge yourself for what you have gone through and the changes, no matter how small, you have made. This will give you a great start into 2016 where you can enhance, build and grow what you have already created while also giving you a sense of accomplishment and completion. If you have resisted this or feel that you are still not where you want to be or would love a leg up into 2016, then apply for one of my FREE Discover Enlightenment Sessions so we can ensure that you have more clarity on your next steps to having a golden 2016!   Click HERE To Access My Diary!