Go For Gold!Having recently finished leading The 12 Colour Ritual where I shed some light on all it takes to get more in tune to your desires and having them realized, I feel ready to embrace all this year holds possible for me and for you. The 12 Day Ritual brought with it greater clarity, energy and space clearing, energy realigning, confidence boosting and various tips and techniques to put those who joined in the best possible energetic state to harness all 2016 has available. This year is a significant one as 2016 brings with it the vibration of GOLD energy and light. We are in for a mixed bag this year as Gold is all about completion, finishing of cycles and continuing on the change cycle of last year which was sparked with magenta. If you experienced lots of change and went through all the hoops and learnt the importance of balance and nurturing yourself then you are in a good place to get the most from this year. It’s time to tidy up any loose ends, a great year to de-clutter your home, office, and life in general. You will feel lighter brighter and more connected as a result. Gold is considered to be one of the highest vibrations of the spectrum. It’s here to remind you how worthy and deserving you are. It can open you up to more greatness, encouraging you and helping you tap in to your higher wisdom, and power and to expand and go for gold. No second best this year for you, it’s going for and having your biggest greatest desires and opening you heart, your arms and your mind to receiving it. It is a year to grow spiritually as this colour is associated with spirit, and it is here to protect you for your highest good and highest purpose. Gold as a colour is used to cleanse a space, or to wrap someone in golden energy to protect them so feel this ray protecting you and aligning you to whatever is for your highest good and highest purpose. It requires operating out of your comfort zone but know that it will be so worth it. Gold is taking you to your own treasure chest. It is a colour that encourages you to tap into your intuition, to know you are worthy of all that you desire, to see yourself as a precious beautiful rich abundant being of light, and to give yourself permission to step into your infinite potential. Gold is a precious metal that is associated with wealth, grandeur, and prosperity, as well as sparkle, glitz, and glamour, this year is all about harnessing those qualities this year. So what parts of gold are you going to harness this year? I am going for the glamour, sparkle and riches in all of its form.☺ If you are looking for support so you can go for gold, then I am giving away this week three free 1 hour discovery sessions to we can explore what you need to do to make yours a golden one. Drop me an email and the first three will win! My email address is info@colourharmonie.com.