Full Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st January 2019 brings with it loads of radiant energy that lasts for the next six months ahead! 

The day of this full moon is associated with yellow.  The colour of the year, so an added charge of what the yellow year is all about, visibility, boldness, empowerment and shining like the sun. 

It’s time to say “YES!” to all the things that make you feel amazing and let the prosperity expand and grow.   

Leo is full of fire energy, wildly glowing and wanting to shine from the inside out.  We are being asked to be seen this year, to be true and honest with ourselves.  This full moon activates this more and more. 

In order to see our own light, and turn it on, we need to work with the shadow.  Just like a window, you can’t see much if the window is dirty, no matter how bright the sun shines.  You need to clean the window first, so you can see clearly and let the sunlight fully shine.  The same goes for you. 

It is time to heal the fear at a core level, its time to stop doubting and start trusting more.  It is time to review who you really are at a core level and remove all the conditions from culture, society, past experiences, past lives and to find YOU.  YOU THE BIG BRIGHT LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.  It is time to harness the power within you. 

You have been taught a lot intellectually, the mind can only take you so far.  You are now being called to relearn, revive your supernatural powers – your intuition, harness on your own unique soul’s power and wisdom, develop a relationship with your guides and take BIG LEAPS. 

Just like a hot air balloon.  It can’t take off when it is too heavy and filled up with too much stuff.  You have to take out all the ‘rubbish or crap’ so it can rise high in the sky. 

The same goes for you.  There may be discomfort at first but the rewards and sense of fulfilment, alignment and connection you can feel will fill you up so much and the dreams and desires you have been having for a while will come to you.  It is a magical way to live because you are magical. 

For this super full moon, I am offering four complementary breakthrough calls for anyone ready to say a BIG YES to themselves this year and are ready to LIVE the dream instead of dreaming the dream. You can apply here!