Today I come to you with an inspirational story from Rolinda Stotts of Orchid Stories.

When I met Rolinda I got a big hit that on a soul level I was to help her. I reached out and told her what guidance came in. The first take away for you is the power of reaching out to a person and saying I can help work with me. Because what has unfolded in me getting out of my way, and letting Rolinda decide if she wanted to work with me has literally transformed her life and hundreds of others.

Rolinda shares in this video that the thing that was holding her back was not letting go of her old self and claiming her new self. The key that unlocked this block was forgiveness.

Another lesson was the deep learning that you can’t do it alone and it was scary to admit needing and wanting help.

But she overcame her fear and stepped in to working with me has led her to knowing she is enough and is now fully anchored into her souls calling.

This led to creating a movement and helping her friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

This video is 22.19 sec long, even looking at these numbers vibration. 22 a master number, 1, bring red new beginnings and 9 gold presenting  completion.

I guarantee you will be inspired by this lady and what’s possible because she shows how you can let go and let God.

If you are ready to experience your version of quantum leaps in a fulfilled, caring, Divine Feminine way and be held in love and sacredness reach out at to share where you are at and we can explore having a chat. I am here for you. It’s your time it’s your year. We are all rising together.

Much love,