Welcome to February 2019, where you are going to be supported by Turquoise Blue, where you are going to be encouraged to connect with your heart.  Speak from your heart and be seen for who you really are.

The truth is you are not your past, you cannot be limited by conditioning and its quite in alignment with the February new moon and Chinese new year. Another way of living a life without limitation.  It requires us to honour our own truth. Live from that place of empowerment.

Watch this week’s vlog to learn more and experience the healing invocation that came in for you.

We are going to be bolder and live and explore the Divine Feminine Essence and release any doubt, fear and in exchange live from un-waivering trust.

In this week’s video I was given an invocation by Spirit to share with you.  This will help you heal any contracts and conditioning and programs that could be holding you back from fully experiencing the infinite possibilities of the deep blue sea we can play in this month.


Much love,



P.S. If you would love to explore how you can harness this amazing energy and Divine Feminine Essence in your business and life and experience the natural process of transformation, great leaps and live from a deep sense of trust, surrender, joy and prosperity, apply here.