I love a colourful designer bag and of late one of my favourites is by Shona Easton, so I got in touch with her and asked her if I could use some of her colourful handbags to give you an insight into what your colour choice means but also the image and message you give off by the handbag you wear. And she agreed! She also told me her handbag prices are going up, as she is being recognied in the market as the likes of Coach and Orla Kiely, so if you are looking for a colourful bag this season then now is the time! So which colour handbag choice say about you? So lets take a look at a few aspects of your handbag choice, firstly there is a personal sign for you and how it will make you feel and secondly there is an external message you will give off… Red Lucia hoboThe Red Lucia hobo, wearing this bag will make you feel confident, energised and have you noticed. There is a sense of elegance about this bag, this kind of bag is worn by a successful lady who is quietly confident. When I first saw this bag I got ‘Italian’ there is an Italian natural style about this bag, which doesn’t need any labels as the energy from this bag says it all. It’s a lovely warm tone of red too. And this is the message it gives off if you wear this kind of coloured bag. What it means for you if you are drawn to this red coloured bag? It means that inside you know deep down you are worthy of success and that you just need to trust in yourself and in Mother Earth that all your needs are being met. It is high time for you to walk talk, take the step that you know deep down you need to take but keep putting off. Take this bag as a sign that you to need to DARE TO JUST DO IT. Emerald Dieppe HandheldWhat if you are more drawn to Emerald Tote Green Handbag? Personally I love this one and the lovely pink interior inside. This pink is the complementary colour of green, so Shona chose well here. Wearing this bag will keep you centered and feeling good inside. You will feel it in the heart, that warm feeling. This bag gives off the feeling of you being a natural kinda person, balanced, caring where just like mother nature has all her needs met. This green bag is a good one if you are looking for money or more abundance in your life. The personal meaning for you being drawn to this green one is that you have it all, and to let all you have done, created and have to grow. Let go and let God as they say. Follow your heart and your intuition is all you need to do and you will see if will all fall in to place. The pink interior is a gentle reminder to open your heart to the richness of life. It’s all there for you, you just need to allow yourself to receive your hearts desires. Be ready for the great synchronicity and opportunities that are open for you right now. I get a flutter in my solar plexus that moves to my heart as I write this. Roanne MagentaAnd look at this one called Roanne Magenta, I want to take it in my arms and hug it. Look at the richness, the wealth and energizing energy it gives off. Wearing this bag will give off a sense of inner confidence, style and great accomplishment. This bag will help you feel rich in money and in life and give you warm encouraging energy to take the next step in life as this will be from a place of love and light. This colour shade is also working on opening yourself to your hearts desires even more. And as this years colour and vibration is magenta it means that you are going to give yourself a great chance to having a great year. 2015 is about change, love, a year for business growth and help you be more organised so you can accomplish more. It gives off the feeling to the world of you having it all, and being stylish. A great bag for any woman entrepreneur to have. ☺ It’s message for you personally is that you are needing to nourish you at the moment, as you are either going through great change now or there is great change ahead of you. Wearing this magenta bag will help make you feel good just like a spot of retail therapy does for any woman. LOL You are needing the energy and drive to make things happen for you and so magenta is a great colour for you to do this in a balanced harmonious way as this is how you prefer to experience life. You have immense talents with so much going for you. Connect with your intuitive sense and signs and follow those urges. We can all do with ‘props’ to make I feel good and handbags are a great way to have I in a good state by wearing a coloyrful bag me love and reminding I how this colour me need right now can enrich and support us. You can find either of these handbags on Shona’s website with a whole host of other colourful designs. So if you want to support yourself to feeling good each day with one of her colourful handbags, then get exploring and shopping by visiting her website at http://www.eastondesignstudio.com Wishing you a colour filled inspiring day. x