I hope as you read my weekly blogs that you are beginning to understand the vastness of colour and how it really entwines with the true essence of our makeup on every level. This is why this week I am going to share with you, how colour is linked to your personality type and how you unconsciously vibrate an energetic colour that represents the true essence of who you are. You have a colour and attributes which you are born with, as well as attributes you have available to you, which when used can make your life much easier as you are guided on your path. In addition you also have a colour attribute which you have come back to learn. And so all this information gets you to understand why you are the way you are and this leads to greater self-acceptance. I have found by knowing my four soul colours and working with these and having them around me that I don‘t get taken off the side roads as much. You really become mindful of your colour path. Life is like a treasure hunt, and by getting to know your soul colour personality and attributes then it’s like finding the treasure chest with all its jewels and gems for you to play with. This in turn allows you to step into the shoes that have always been yours but you never thought you could have. “We don’t receive wisdom; me must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take I or spare us.” – Marcel Proust So how do you get to know your soul colours I hear you ask? These colours are calculated using your date of birth. From your date of birth me come down to four singular numbers and these represent your colour match. Colour is linked to a number and these numbers and colours determine your true colours and colour personality in the colour reading I give. 1 = Red – The Leader 2 = Orange – The Social Butterfly 3 = Yellow – The Mind 4 = Green – The Nurturer 5 = Sky Blue – The Communicator 6 = Indigo – The Structured One 7 = Violet – The Idealist 8 = Magenta – Business person 9 = Gold – Powerfully Wise I offer individual colour numerology readings where you can discover the true treasure of you and I also run workshops to show you in detail how you can calculate your own soul numbers. I also reveal how you are linked to family, friends and partners. This is a great way to see your compatibility with others. As I write and post this weeks blog on the eve of the 1st May and with May being one of my favourite months, I am offering a free colour numerology reading draw. Anyone who comments on my blog this week and likes my Colour Harmonie Facebook page will be entered into a draw. The lucky winner will receive a free colour numerology reading and a 15 minute skype call with me. So stay tuned on my facebook page, the lucky winner will be announced on 7th May. Excitedly, Marcia