Hallway after This week’s blog is dedicated to colouring your home. Afterall this is where me spend a lot of our time, it is our haven and sacred space, so it is important to ensure you feel good in it. And colour can very much contribute to that and also help you realise your dreams.   The colours in your home give out messages about your personality and who you are, which in turn gives you a certain feel in a room depending on the choice of colours in that space.   Just imagine for a minute, you coming into your home for the first time, wondering what type of person lives there. Starting at the front door and walking into each room, paying attention to the atmosphere and feeling what each room conveys.   Take a look at the picture in this week’s blog, this is my hallway. Before you read on, just observe if you were to walk into my hallway, how would you feel?   Now let me explain why I chose these two colours. Firstly I chose blue because I wanted my visitors and clients to feel at peace and calm when entered my home/office area. Also blue is related to expansiveness, the sky being the limit, and oceans of possibilities. This message is really for my clients to psychologically feel this as they come to see me for personal consultations, support, healing and guidance. I also chose blue to give off a sense of calmness, as it can be quite daunting when you first see someone and you don’t know what to expect.   I then chose turquoise for the lower part of the wall, as this floor is also where I run my business so I wanted the green money and abundant ray to be present here. This colours also brings with it calmness and harmony and a sense of relief. It is a great calming colour and really calms the nerves.   Now ask yourself these questions: Which colours are predominate in the room? Is there a general colour that is repeated throughout the house? Do the main colours reflect your personality accurately? If you find that blue predominates, this gives off the message of you being a quiet person, or you are seeking peace, tranquility and calm in your life. Take a look at the colour meanings section of my website to get an insight into the message conveyed from your predominate colours. You can really enhance your life and your home by choosing the right colours for your sacred space. It really is worth taking time to think about what you want from each room, both from a functionality point of view and the feeling you want from each room. Then choose a colour that gives off that vibration. You will surprised at the positive impact this makes. We will be covering this in our workshop this Sunday in greater detail and I will also be adding another element to consider, which is the energy in your house. Places have memories and pick up on people’s thoughts and emotions, so it is important to also use colour and the Universal energies to keep your space clear. Next week I will share with you a few simple ways for you to play with using the power of colour, intention and the angelic realms. Until soon. Colourfully, Marcia