Over recent weeks, during individual colour consultations, my clients have been talking about wanting to realise their dreams, desires and passions. However, many of them had never heard of a vision board and were intrigued when I talked about the power and effectiveness of these boards. This has led me to to write about vision boards, and to offer a workshop in Brussels, on Friday 30th March, 2012. Images and colours are more powerful than words. Often people can’t find the words to describe how they are feeling and so I invite them to choose a colour. Their choice allows me to understand how they are feeling. By putting our desires on paper, using colour and images, me get to visualise our desires. me make them real and visible. It also gives I a focus or understanding of what me want … most particularly during those times when me are “stuck” or unfocused. Another powerful action, and one which I swear by, is energetically aligning and connecting to your vision. This ensures that your desires can be realised in your life, oftentimes, quite quickly. In class, I would take this a step further and check if there are any blocks or beliefs that keep you from realising these desires now. If there are, me would release them using powerful colour techniques and exercises. This process of creating a vision board, via an exploration of your desires, opens you up to the many opportunities the universe has available to you. It shines a beacon of light that allows you to focus on your intentions, dreams, desires, and energies. It also acts as a huge visual acknowledgment of what you really want and this is incredibly powerful. Everyone has a vision, whether it’s a desire for a new job, a successful business, a bigger home, a peaceful life, more money, or a combination of everything. By finding photographs or artworks depicting those visions, and putting them onto your board, you are connecting and aligning yourself to your dreams, making it more likely you will achieve them. If you create a yearly ritual of vision boarding your life, you will see how far you have come over the years. I have been creating my own boards for 7 years, and in the last five, I have also aligned myself to them energetically. Every year 99% of what I have visioned has come true. This year I created two boards. One for my personal and family life, and one for my business. I display them in my bedroom so that I see them every day. This allows me to feel which part of my vision board has the highest energy on a given day, and it also tells me which vision I need to focus on. There is something truly magical and exciting about vision boards! So, if the idea of harnessing some of this spring energy appeals to you, come join me on 30 March, 2012. This interactive class will run from 6.30pm and 9pm and it will help you discover your dreams, desires, passions and visions, reminding and motivating you as you walk into the life you most want to achieve. What to Bring: An open mind (and permission for your inner-self to be present), comfortable attire, any images, photographs or artworks that capture the vision you want, and a willingness to have some fun! Also, any magazines you are happy to share with the group. Otherwise, I will supply everything else needed to make your own very powerful vision board. See enclosed link for more details. Please leave me a comment below to let me know what you think about this! And remember, sharing is caring!