Photo from Ocean of joy

There is lots of talk that 2012 is the year of awakening, ascension and tapping in to the abundance and prosperity of life. This is why I decided to dedicate this week’s blog to this subject and share some colourful ways to help you realise that and make the most of the vibrant, powerful energies this year. I am involved in promoting “The Heart of 2012 Summit” which takes you on a journey through the chakras. The chakras and of course the colours related to the chakras are related to a level of consciousness. As me move up the chakras starting from the base chakra, associated with the colour red, our consciousness starts increasing and me are gently led to the finer spiritual frequencies. When me reach the spiritual colours connecting I to blue, indigo, and violet me are led and guided to our soul purpose. I have more and more clients coming to me either saying they have lost their light, are going through lots of change such as losing jobs, are questioning the meaning of life, are letting go of unfulfilling relationships and want to explore what ignites their true light and start exploring what their life purpose is. All of this is related to the awakening process and ascension of our world and the people living on this earth. AWAKENING is about expanding our consciousness of WHO WE REALLY ARE and being more AWARE that me are all connected and me are all humans ultimately wanting the same things, peace, love, harmony, happiness and abundance. ASCENSION relates to creating an upward flow of energy for spiritual ENLIGHTENMENT, and this is why colour can really help the transition into the higher frequencies, as colour is light and me are light beings. You can join the free summit by clicking on my products page tab and the banner “The Heart of 2012 Summit”, where you will be taken through teh levels of consciousness. Other ways you can make the most of these 2012 energies using colour are: Firsly, go through the chakra meanings and colours and see which area relates to where you are in your life at the moment. For example, if you are struggling financially then this means you are being asked to work on the base chakra and the red ray, so you can have a solid foundation and be secure in yourself enabling you to move up the colour, chakra ladder. Red is related to success, leadership, action, passion, perseverance and by working with the red ray you are tapping into these kind of frequencies. You can incorporate red by visualising, wearing this colour, or carrying around a red crystal. You will find young children up to the age of seven are drawn to red which makes total sense as they are building solid foundations so they can grow up to be strong, capable adults. Secondly, like you have a shower each day, clean your energetic body each morning. Call on the Violet Flame, this is fabulous to transmute any negative energies you are holding onto in your energy field and therefore your energetic body will be cleaned and clear and so you will be vibrating to a higher frequency. This in turn means you will be attracting more vibrant, happy and abundant experiences which the higher frequencies offer. When you have done the violet flame then ask the Gold Light to surround and protect you for the day. You will be a shining sun and you will really feel the difference. This will also mean you won’t pick up on any others energies which can affect your mood if they are of the lower caliber. As you vibrate at the higher level then you will be ready and able to easily ascend to the 5th dimension. Once in a while go have a colour therapy treatment with light or a crystal healing treatment to lift your energies up. I hear from my clients they are on a high for weeks after their colour sessions with me. Thirdly, ABUNDANCE, this is shown to I daily through nature, me are living in an abundant world, and me are really reminded of this during spring and summer as the trees are full of leaves, flowers are in full bloom, fruit and vegetables are plentiful. Make the use of the new moon energy on 20th May, write down what abundance means to you, really tap into this and how it makes you feel. Then use a symbol whether thats a picture you draw, a green crystal or a citrine crystal to remind you that you are an abundant being, and you can embrace abundance based on what you have written. There is a world of possibilities out there, all you need to do is tap into it! Colourfully, Marcia xx