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May is one of my favourite months, the vibrant spring energy is in full flow and the change of season brings about a change of mindset, clothes, routines, eating habits and outlook on life. So this month I ask you to avail of the vibrant energies and colours that spring offers. By being re-energized, me increase our wellbeing, and make the most of all life has to offer. This expansive energy will help you realise your dreams, projects and desires. To take that next step that is needed for you to reach your highest potential; The energy this month is being fired by the powerful full moon energy last Saturday night so now is the time to avail of all the power, force and colour behind you. Avail of the vastness of green representing growth, new beginning, fertility and abundance the yellow and orange hues to spark your creative ideas and energise and rejuvenate you. Red is also very present this month, to help I take action towards our passions. Add these colours to your wardrobe, eat these coloured fruit and veg and feel yourself emerging like a flower.