This week as I walked home from the park with my 15 month old, I was struck by the bright evenings. This made me realise the importance of light and the joy that these long evenings bring as me are immersed in more natural light. During the month of March each day me will see the evenings get longer and longer and people will be able to sit out doors after work and watch the world go by, as they have an after work drink!:o) Even though me still have the chill of winter in the air, I have seen lots of people wrapped up and drinking and talking happily outside. This warms my heart and makes me smile. There is a sense of excitement about this time of year, possibilities that me couldn’t see from the darker winter months, but me are being enlightened and renewed by the brighter long days, truly blissful.   Everyday me are bombarded with colour and me take it so for granted. Remember, without light there is no colour and without light there is no life. me all need light to revive our spirit and vegetation needs light to grow and nourish us. I have also noticed that there are brighter colours being displayed in shop windows, yellows, oranges and reds all seem to be the fashion for this season. So this month get out there and buy some colourful accessories or a colourful dress, top or jacket to lift you into the spring new energy. Use the colour you feel drawn to at the moment to help you take the necessary steps to keep you shining and naturally energised. This can be as simple as buying the beautiful array of coloured tulips or if yellow is your colour, then go for daffodils. This will add beauty and colour to your home or office as well as revive you. Psychologically you will know that the coloured tulips you have chosen are helping you renew, change, and revive the true essence of you. For me seeing the tulips in the florists or in the parks is a true sign that winter is over and spring is here. There is something renewing about this. What do you want to change in your life? Take advantage of this month to renew and revive you and your world.