Photo by Amy Healy from Dublin, aged 11 years ol. Since delivering the Free Online 12 Day Colour Ritual, I have been receiving feedback from participants. Well done to those of you who kick started your year in this way. Many of you refer to greater clarity, energy and focus while others experienced tiredness and feelings of deflation.   I explained to one colourful lady that this latter reaction is a great sign as it signals change, shifts and transformations happening inside that will start to filter into life.   As me talked some more me got on to the subject of the ego and the soul and how me tend to be against the ego, by saying “Oh she’s all ego”, or “This or that is ego.” It is important to realise that me need the ego to help I take action and figure things out in order to make the best choices.   I find I make my best choices when I combine the soul and the ego in my decision making. And colour is a great tool to help with that. The reason colour is such a fabulous self discovery tool and serves as a powerful link between the conscious mind (ego) and the unconscious mind (soul) is because each colour is linked to an emotion and a message, and by understanding its message it enables I to read the signals which are placed in front of I daily. This is revealed through the colours me need or are drawn to and leads I to greater awareness.   Colour communicates to I on a deeper level so why not tap in to it? me know that deep within I me have the answers, but me sometimes don’t know how to access them, or me doubt it. Well, colour is a great way to access this knowledge and guidance from our subconscious mind, which happens to make 88% of our brain. It would be lovely to have it confirmed, to have that reassurance and confidence. That me know the things me know. In knowing the meaning and psychological messages behind your colour choice, you can have that.   You see colour is the language spoken by the soul to the ego, it’s the telephone line between the soul and the ego. By knowing the meaning of your colour choice then your mind/ego is more aware of what’s going on and less likely to hold you back.   The ego helps put the soul’s desires, visions and adventures into alignment and action, because colour supports the ego and gives it the reassurance it needs. When the ego and soul partner with one another me feel joy, excitement, adventure, liberation as an understanding is revealed. In doing so a partnership between what makes I up, namely our feelings, emotions, intuition, intellect, energy and this revelation allows synchronicity to happen. And that’s what makes Colour stand out. It helps take our ego home to our soul. me are enticed to live a full spectrum life.   Look around you and see the vast array of colours. Sometimes me are too busy to even notice. People who fall ill often berate themselves for missing the signals. Well by understanding the language of colour you get those signals and can act on them because you know.This is one of the many benefits of using colour as a tool to self discovery, healing and enlightenment. It is a language that speaks through your soul, and filters messages from the creator, angels, guides, or whatever you like to call it when you connect with that side of our world.   Not only do you get to discover you and why a particular situation is showing up in your life again and again but you can heal that part of you that releases you into that space where all is well. That place where you feel centered, at peace, calm, loved, taken care of, and emotionally supported. You feel lighter, brighter, happy and joyful.   Now, more than ever, people are being forced to look inward and this gets them to raise their head and search for answers. This is why I chose to offer another Colour Program again in 2014 as me move gently out of winter and into the spring energy, as me embrace the renewed energy and colours that 2014 brought in. me can already see the stretch in the evenings the colours have started to change to brighter, lighter shades and me start to feel a whole lot better on many levels.   Take a look at the picture above, taken by Amy Healy, aged 11 from Dublin, and you can see what I mean. Even the sky is changing from blue to pink and gold! Pink teaches I love and gold reminding usto be wise and signaling protection. You too can be in full bloom as you connect and discover your core essence while being guided and emotionally supported simply with colour.   So come along and join me on the next colour program starting in February, so you can get to discover, and experience for yourself what your soul wants YOU to know through the many facets of colour leading you to a real transformational change.…. You can book a free 30 minute call with me to see if this program is right for you. And yes I have turned people away before, as a genuine desire to commit yourself to change and a willingness to apply what is learned in order for changes to happen are so you can live a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life. Email me at, or call me now +32 (0) 473 67 73 41 to chat some more.