Colored Mandala 02Children love to colour and paint and so can you! Think back to those carefree days when as a child you lost your self in your arts and craft projects. Can you remember how that felt? Well, how about reconnecting with that inner child through the simple act of colouring a mandala.   Here you not only connect with and benefit from the colours as you fill them in but the shape and design of the mandala will influence and center your psyche. This is something you can do with your kids too if you like. They will not only love it but benefit from it as well.   Mandala means “sacred circle”, and just through colouring and using this circular image you’ll find a sense of order.   Observe the energy in the room afterwards. You may need to open the window to let the energy blockages out.   The simple yet joyful exercise of using a mandala with the full moon of 25th May 2013, will invite harmony into your life and your projectsand help give you the structureneeded to be in alignment with what needs to happen for your true blissness.   When your mandala is finished, look at the colours you chose to fill in your mandala and then pop over to the colour meanings page to see the descriptive words and what they represent for you.   So go on, take some YOU time, put on some relaxing music, get out some coloured pens or pencils, have a seat and take a few nice slow and deep breaths to relax. Breathe in goodness and breathe out any tension, anxiety, or stress. I have a blank Mandala on my website which you can print off just click here. Now you are ready to immerse yourself in colour and the sacred circular shape of a mandala.   If you are in Brussels on 23rd June, come and join I for a morning to learn more on colour and mandalas and their powerful impact on aligning I to our essence and our rightful desires, dreams and intentions. And you can always bring your mandala with you that you coloured at home and I will give you a reading on that too.:)