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Another, more subtle, way light and colour interact with I is via our aura. The aura can also be referred to as our subtle body, our energetic body, or an electromagnetic energy field. It is an energy field that surrounds every living organism and vibrates at different frequencies, reflecting our state of mind, body and inner being. Your aura colours are determined by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being. The colours of your aura are also a reflection of your energy, vibrancy, and health on many levels. Your aura is constantly interacting with your environment and so, if you are in an office where you are unhappy, your aura will be vibrating at a lower frequency and won’t be very bright. If you are outside walking in the park, feeling happy and relaxed, then your aura will be radiating at a different frequency and vibrating slightly brighter colours.       How can you see an aura? Some people can naturally see auras however most people need to practice, training their eyes to see them. If you would like to try it, you can start by asking a friend to sit down in front of a white wall. Squint your eyes and focus on the top of their head or over their shoulders. Initially you will see a shimmering white light but with practice you will see the colour of the person’s aura. Daily practice is required if you really want to develop this skill. Another technique is to start with a bright coloured object like a red book. Look beyond the book or at the sides of the book. Gaze at it until you feel your eyes going blurry. Be patient and soon you will be able to see the book’s aura. This is also possible with plants and, if you practice regularly, you will begin to see auras around everything. It is also possible to use Kirlian photography or a new form of energy photography. This allows you to see what colours you are radiating via the resulting photographs. This enables you to get a reading on what it all means. Do remember that it is very important to keep your aura/energetic field glowing. How can you develop an aura that shines with vibrancy and success? Most importantly, you need to keep your energy field clear. There are various ways of achieving this. I find the following very effective: • Light white sage and move it around your body, clearing any dense energy held in the aura. This is also very effective if you want to clear the energy in your home. • Visualisation, imagine yourself walking through a violet flame morning and evening. This is the equivalent of having a shower to wash your physical body. Our energetic body needs to be washed too andvisualising the violet flame is a very effective way of doing this. When done you can then visualise a golden light of protection around you. This is the equivalent of putting clothes on your energetic field to protect you from lower vibrations. • Run crystals, such as clear quartz, around your body to clear away any dense energy. This is very effective and it’s one of the very first things I do in my one-on-one consultations. People are stunned when they realise how much lighter they feel after a session with the crystals. This also allows me to clear away any clouds around my clients, as the lights I use really penetrate their energetic field, allowing the effects to be received by the physical body very quickly and effectively. • Thoughts are reflected in our aura. Be aware of your thoughts and when you feel a negative thought appearing in your mind acknowledge it and change it to the positive. This is great fun as it becomes like a game. You will start to see that these positive thoughts really impact on your day and life will begin to feel magical. This week turn your attention to your energetic field and try out some of these techniques. Do let me know how you find them. As I would love to hear from you. Vibrantly, Marcia