Did you ever consider that there is a link between colour and money?

Are you aware that colour is an energy and by tapping into this knowledge and power you can be aligned to abundance and wealth in a whole new light? I am honoured to have been interviewed by Eleyne Mari, a leading Colour Expert. We discuss the energy of money and colour and I take you through an exercise at the end. This 30 minute interview on Blog Talk Radio is well worth listening to. It is very informative and I explain why maybe despite all the mantras and mindset work you have been doing still has you no further forward in terms of your money story. To listen to this interview that sheds great light on this topic Click Here I have some great news for you. As September is linked to Gold, from an energy point of view this is the month to focus on money, wealth, and abundance. If you are looking to change your money story and learn more about how to activate your own unique money activator then join my exclusive 7 Day Video Program with Facebook support and access to me Marcia so you can really harness the energy of money and abundance in your life.

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