Hello Fellow Divine Feminine Leader,

Today’s vlog is an personal invitation for you from the Ancient Divine Feminine.  You are invited to be part a life changing Transformational 3 day event with me, Marcia where we will heal the shame, judgement, not good enough and any wrong doing done to women by women and by the people on this planet.

You will receive deep healing and Ancient Divine Feminine Activations and we will be acting as proxy for the whole human race.

Why is this important?  Because our men and young boys are being affected by the current state of the Female psyche.  We all know that when the woman isn’t in her own light, beauty and power then nobody can.

She carries the creator force and light and she is asking us to step fully into this light of deep unconditional love and liberation of all.

Click the video below for more information.

If what you hear resonates, drop me an email and we can arrange a chat. You can email me at support@glowyourtruecolours.com.


Much love


Marcia xo